CL disaster ... before & after!

  1. As I posted so proudly this morning in the outfit thread I "baptised" my nude patent yyo's 85 with the curved heel today, hoping that with the gel inlays they would stick to my feet, which they did:tup:! They really are very comfy and great to walk in. I had lunch with a friend got compliments on the whole outfit, so far everything was perfect even if they were a little loose I managed.

    Now on the way back I had to hurry a bid not bad but just a little...and my right shoe got stuck in a hole in the pavement...grhhhhh I pulled it out and the dammage was done:cursing:. Phhhhhhhhhh I really seem to have no luck with these "nudes" (hope the 110 coming will end this dilemma)

    I hoped I would be able to wear them for a little while before sending them to the cobbler but no...

    I know there are worse things but simple conclusion: as much as they are comfy and easy to walk in the thinness of the heel makes them very "vulnerable", since this hasn't happened to me with any other of my CL's.

    BEFORE PIC :tup:


    AFTER PIC:tdown:

    P1010322.jpg P1010324.jpg
  2. Oh no, Cat! I am so sorry :crybaby: I'm sure your cobbler will be able to fix the mishap. I'd be devastated! Don't worry, I'm sure your 110 YoYos will arrive safely and make you feel better ;):graucho:
  3. oh no! i have nude patent manolos and the first time i wore them i caught the heel in the street and part of the patent on the heel came up. ugh, i was so upset. but you'll have those fixed good as new and just avoid cracks in the street like i do. lol
  4. Oh so sorry. Are cobblers able to fix that?

    I got a patent heel stuck going into an elevator. I know how you feel.
  5. :crybaby:Oh, that picture just made me want to cry!! I don't think I've ever seen a heel damaged that badly - and on such a beautiful shoe :crybaby:!!!
  6. Oh I'm so sorry Cat. That stinks! I've down it before on brand new shoes and was so sad. But the cobbler was able to fix it and yours will too. :heart:
  7. omgggg!! take it to a good cobbler!
  8. Catcat don't worry!
    I'm sure your cobbler will make them look as good as new.
  9. That should be able to be fixed! The heel on my decolletes are pretty beat up from things like that too, but without the tip coming off yet.

    I wore my new patent simples out last night and was asking my husband which pair I sould wear - a pair of Jimmy Choos or the patent simples, and in the process knocked my simples off the counter and they fell 4 feet onto the tile floor. I felt like such an idiot. All because I was running late and in a hurry. Luckily they are ok, but I know how awful it is to ruin a coveted pair of shoes.

    Your outfit looked fantastic together, though.
  10. Oh my. I'm sure something can be done. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.
  11. Aww I'm sorry they were so new!! Ihope they will be back to new in no time!
  12. no worries samething happened to my mine and the cobbler fixed it like new and then told me to be careful because this shoes are well
  13. Oh man! I am so sorry for the mishap. I am sure the cobbler can get them right for you.
  14. OMG.. how horrible ! I hope they come back beautiful again !
  15. Cat am sure that a cobbler will be able to fix the heels :sos: