CL Decolette 868 Ouch!

  1. Just got my first pair of decolette 868's. I love them, but they are tight! I normally wear an 8, so I ordered an 8. Will they stretch? I dont want to wear them out until they fit comfortably. Any suggestions?
  2. I am a US 6 and in all my decolletes I had to order a 7. I could have done the 6.5 but I like extra room in the toe box. I don't think patent leather stretches much. What color did you get?
  3. Darn! I got the camel patent. I'm wearing them now around the house...they fit ok, but the hurt in the toe area.
  4. They wont stretch naturally, sorry :hrmm:
    I would check with a cobbler to see if they can be professionally stretched, they may be able to give you an extra millimeter but it might help.
  5. Are decolletes known for running small?
  6. Decollete 868 DEFINITELY runs small by at least 1/2 a size; many size up a full size. I don't know of anyone who took their true size in that CL style and found it to work. Also it's one of the not-too-comfy CL styles that takes practice to break in; it's the most perfect black pump but I would recommend bringing flats as a back-up if you plan on doing much walking (which is what I do whenever I wear Decollete's).
  7. I have the patent vernice decolette zeppa and I went up a size and a half! The toe box was still really small so based on a suggestion on this forum I bought a shoe stretcher at Target for under $10 and stretched out the toe box. Now they fit perfectly!!! They haven't even shrunk back. I heard they shrink back if you don't wear them often or keep the shoe trees in after they're stretched. Mine didn't.
  8. decolettes run small for sure. at least half a size. is there any way you can get a bigger pair? if not i'd suggest wearing them at home with thick socks. i made the mistake of getting them in my size as well but have worn them a few times and they're ok now
  9. I normally wear a 38 in many shoes (CL included), but with the two pairs of patent Decollete's I have, I sized up to a 38.5, which works well for me. :smile: Patent definitely doesn't have as much give IMO, so you might try the next half size up for a better (and less tight) fit. :heart:
  10. Decolettes absolutely run small, I normally wear a size 8, I have decollettes in 8.5 and 9 and they both kill my feet. Although this style is perfect, they are extremely uncomfortable. Mine are both patent and after several wears they have not stretched. Sorry, it sounds like you might have to return them or sell them.
    I would recommend sizing up a full size for the extra room in the toe box and if the length is too long, then just apply a heel grip. Hope that helps.
  11. I have them in the tiger patent and in the pewter patent in 39 and 38.5 and both have stretched. They were tight to start with and I have worn each pair 4-5 times and I now find them very comfortable, they have stretched the perfect amount. I wear them on a night out, stand and dance in them all night, and even walk home and they're fine. Before I first wore them out though, I did wear them around the house with thin socks to help them stretch a bit which definately helped.

    I do think you also have to take into account everyone has different foot dimensions and arches which affects how they feel to different people.
  12. need a bigger size.
    I usually wear a 39 but in my Decollete I got a 40. They do not stretch that much...almost not at all actually. It takes a while to get used to them...not the most comfy out of the Louboutin family, but def. a classic & must have. They will never really be that comfy, but they get easier the more you wear them(as with any shoe).
    But for the size...I suggest a full size up. Dont keep the 8, too small and will not stretch...they will end up sitting in their box if you dont return them.
  13. i'm a 5.5 and i got my decolette's a 5.5. if i were to go up to a 6, my heel would be slipping off of the far as the toe box, they really squish my pinkie toe and the toe next to it. it really is uncomfortable =( i noticed though they did stretch out for me. i suggest either doing the socks thing or getting them stretched...i think i should get mine stretched b/c my toes are killing me when i wear these shoes!!