CL Declic

  1. I have not seen it IRL or in pictures. What color did you see it in lovespeonies? Does it have a hidden platform as the Rolando?
  2. It's basically the" clichy" with hidden platform 5' heel, will be out in black, nude, and pink leather too for spring :yes:
  3. It's on in blue. It does have a hidden platform, which appears a little shorter than the Rolando.
  4. I have seen it IRL, it is dreamy:love:

    It reminds me of a cross between a clichy and a rolando. And in my favorite color too!
    Barneys NYC has received it in black leather, electric blue suede and nude leather!

    And I think that NAP will be receiving it in the 120mm heel.
  5. How is the sizing? Does it run like the clichy or rolando?
  6. You read my mind! Our posts crossed in cyberspace. Have you seen the nude leather IRL? I saw it in the look book but the photo wasn't good quality. I wonder if it will be similar to the nude architek or the true nude color.
  7. Oh, duh, missed your link. It is gorgeous! This might have to tide me over until I get a Clichy.
  8. Ooooh. I think I want it in either the black leather and/or the electric blue suede. Are you planning to pick up a pair or more?
  9. I haven't seen the nude IRL, just the black, I'll assume though by "nude nappa" it will be the same as architeck
  10. IMHO I believe these will be the best shoe ever because the ease of the platform, and classic design of the almond shaped toe, a true (high heel ) classic :heart::heart::heart::love:
  11. wow I love these too! I was going to hold out for the turquoise simple (cause I wanted something blue) but these remind me of the beautiful electric blue rolandos I missed earlier this year. God CL has me so tempted... but I need to wait until after Christmas! Hopefully my size will still be available!
  12. I tried on the Declic 100 in black leather and unfortunately felt severely underwhelmed. I think the Declic is one magnificent shoe in 120mm, but there's just something about 100mm and then the hidden platform up-front that doesn't make this shoe a perfect silhouette (at least those are my feelings towards the black leather one). Also with the 100mm version the hidden platform upfront combined with the Clichy toe box/cut seems to make the foot look like a bun up-front....that's what I thought when I tried them on and my feet are actually quite narrow. If I'm doing just 100mm in a "Clichy-like" silhouette I think I'm best off sticking with the Clichy 100 original classic (without platform). But for the 120mm Declic should be a great innovation from (and a walkable alternative to) Clichy 120.
  13. Another thing about the Declic 100 (or is it 110mm...whichever one Barneys got in the black leather) -- sizing was unexpected. I'd expected it to be like the Clichy but I sized down 1/2 a size from my Clichy size and it was still a bit loose in the heel area. Hmmm. I think the Declic 100 is a shoe that you'll like if you like the "Minibout Zep" (as can be seen on -- I liked how those two looked in photos but when I tried them on, both felt (and looked) just mediocre (compared to all the other CL's I have come across over the years)....but I guess this is an individual preference thing. I am definitely looking forward to the Declic 120 -- I think any CL with an in-built platform just warrants (and justifies) a higher heel!
  14. Thanks for your input Foxy. Makes the urgency to go to Barneys fade knowing that they are not the perfect silhouette in black leather. I still love the color and will be in the SF shopping district after Christmas so I will check it out if they have it.