CL Criss Cross Pigalle in Barneys

  1. Has anyone seen those in Barneys? If so which outlet? cos i'm trying to track one down! Thanks! :love:
  2. Ive seen thoses in like winter white with black criss-cross design. I saw them on line, but I dont remember exactly where. Have you looked on Saks, net-a porter,and NM sites yet?
  3. singsongjones i did but no luck and i missed out on the ones they had on the Barneys website! And I'm looking for the black one as well! ;)
  4. I got lucky with the Barneys sale & got them...had my eye on them for a while. Anyways....I saw them at NM Short Hills, NJ about a week or 2 ago. Not sure if they are still there, but it wouldnt hurt to check. Here is the number...ask for Harry...he is my fav. SA.
  5. Thanks Stinas. Are they on sale @ NM too?
  6. Not when I saw them, but Neimans is going to have a "Designer" sale soon, so they might end up on sale since Barneys had them.
  7. I saw them in Barneys in NYC this morning. They had them in black and white.