CL Cork vs Wooden Heel????

  1. Can anyone give me the pro's and con's of the cork vs. wooden heel. I just want to me make sure I know all there is about both materials for CL's...thanks.
  2. TX - I prefer the wooden heel due to ease of repair. If the cork heel is scuffed, it's difficult to get the cork back to the original condition - although missing pieces of cork in the heel aren't very noticeable. I also feel that cork is limited to spring/summer seasons whereas wooden heels can be worn all year long.
  3. Great info...I never considered the summer/spring issue...but your right. Are they as comfy to walk in. I always imagine wooden heels as....well like walking on wood...hard and have no give. Can you give me your opinion on what you think. Have you tried the very prive? How do they compare to the fit and feel of those when you walk in them. I find them really comfortable...even more comfortable than the simple 85 pumps. TIA
  4. I don't find wooden heels hard to walk in. In the Bruges, I happen to have the black kid leather with wooden heels, I would have preferred to have gotten the black patent with cork heels because the color contrast makes the shoe "pop" ya know? But, I do feel the black on black is more versatile.

  5. I think I want the black kid leather with black wooden heel...but I'm sure they no longer exist. Do you know if they are still out there to purchase...and not on eBay?
  6. Yeah, as I said in the other post, NM in SF has them on display. Give it a try.

  7. Thank you,
  8. I have a pair of cork prives and I think I can wear them all year around. They match everything because of the neutral colour. They are also very soft and comfy. I have read on another forum that people have issues with the wood heels because they blister or something when worn in the rain. It hasn't happened to me yet so I'm not sure if that is true.
  9. NM in store has this version in the 100 mm heel.
  10. I scooped up a pair yesterday. I just posted a question about sizing...I know your post have always been helpful...would you mind looking at it and giving me your opinion...TIA.
  11. My experience is that wooden heels are louder on concrete (which is what part of the floor at my work is on). People can hear me for miles when I'm wearing my CL Wallis with the wood wedge.