CL Clichy Rhineston...anyone seen?

  1. OMG...I was looking at the website that one of our TPF'ers put up ( and saw these gorgeous CL nude pumps on Cameron Diaz, with rhinestones on the heel. I was wondering if anyone has seen them selling anywhere, since all the online stores I checked don't have them. I would deff. call and have them shipped to me. Thanks girls!!
  2. oooppsss...heres a pic.
  3. I love love love those!!! Have you tried calling the store in NYC? Here are the numbers for their different boutiques (212) 255-1910, (212) 396-1884,( 212) 279-3322. Those are from this past summer collections. Maybe also try Bergdorfs in NYC also. If I am not mistaken, the retail was over $1000.
  4. that's quite an outrageous shoe! they would be soo fun to wear!
  5. Love them! Good luck findind them, I'm sure they'll turn up somewhere.
  6. those shoes really are fab..let us know if you find them..:yes:
  7. Love them!! I haven't seen them before!!
  8. I have not seen those before- they are gorgeous!
  9. i remember seeing cameron wearing those to the david lettermen show. those shoes were $1200!

    so damn cute and sexy though!!!
  10. ooops, lemme rephrase that, it was the ellen degeneres show.
  11. double post.
  12. Cute! I'd be too scared to wear those out because I'll be too worried that the rhinestones would come off.
  13. OMG!!! First of all, thanks to all for your replies. HubbaWubba and poppincourt thanks so much for your helpful info, although I didn't realize they'd be so expensive. I saw on that same website that they were seven hundred and something, although I'd figured they were a little off since that's how much a reg. pair of CL's run, but over 1000 (1200 nonetheless) seems :nuts: :confused1: :crybaby: scary!!! However...I'm going to call first thing Monday morning and hopefully I will find a pair left, at a "half off" rack :roflmfao: :yahoo: :yes: ....yeah right, I wish!! Anyways, I'll keep you posted. Thanks again
  14. keep us updated. gorgeous shoe. good luck =)
  15. ooohhhh one more thing, those arent rhinestones, i remember her syaing it was swaorski crystals!! BUt i might be wrong, some1 correct me if i have mistaken.

    please keep us posted!!!! good luck!