CL Chiffon Peep-Toe Pump

  1. I plan on purchasing theses cl's. I think there fab. But before I do I want to make sure there ok. Has anyone purchase them and had any problems. I havent purchase any cls .. this will be my first, then I want to get Mad Mary too. [​IMG]
  2. I just saw these in red - gorgeous!
  3. i havent tried them on but i just love them! i keep wishing i had a need for them! they have such great colors too- the grey, the blue, the red! eek! so pretty!
  4. i think those shoes would go with a whole lot of outfits and would look gorgeous on IRL.

    please post pics if/when you get them! :smile:
  5. I have this shoe in black and also the hidden platform version in red; I love them though I haven't worn them yet...I had to stretch my toe area out some but they fit great now
  6. They're gorgeous!
  7. Love the pink!
  8. I defo will :smile: I love them they have a real vintage look to them but they are fab I have to find a dress to go with them when I get them.. Wont be for a while but there on the list :biggrin:
  9. If it' your firt pair make sure to try them on. You might need a larger size.
  10. Yes make shure to try them on, CL sizing is tricky. But they are definately gorgeous!
  11. This is a stunning shoe, and yes be sure to know your CL size.
  12. these are my fav louboutins
  13. I have those in navy blue. I sized up 1/2 a size from my true US size. They fit like a glove and are so comfortable. They hold up very well as they have been out and about quite a bit ;)

    This style is called Mouche.
  14. Thanks everyone I will I notice on the forms CL Shoes you have to check your size. :smile: I hope when I go to get them they'll have my size :0 cause it wont be for a while
  15. I just got them about 2 hours ago. Love them!! But do go up in your size. I'm normally a 39, but had to go to a 40. The 39.5 was still a little snug, bur the 40 was perfect for me.