CL Cate Boot - Three Ways (so far...)

  1. I had a giant fiasco with a pair of CL booties last fall.. But we won't speak of that.

    Two weeks ago, I finally gave up the search of looking for knee high/below the knee boots -- I'm 5'0" tall and it's really hard to find boots that:
    A) fit my calves (used to be a dancer so I have high and muscular calves)
    B) don't fit me awkwardly (i.e. above my knee when it's supposed to be below) and
    C) don't make me look shorter than I already am.

    So after stalking these boots for a while online, I finally caved in and went to Neiman's to try them on. Of course they have my size on display. And I caved.

    Now presenting my three day breaking in (+modeling) process :P


    Day One:
    I went simple for the first day.
    Rag and Bone for SCOOP NYC color block jeans, Helmut Lang sweater + tank, McQueen scarf


    Day Two:
    I wanted to go edgy.
    Y-3 drape cardigan, H&M tee dress, Helmut Lang leggings, and Ferragamo waist belt.


    Day Three:
    I live in Boston and I've been dying to do the skirt/dress + knee high + vest combo.
    H&M long sleeve tee dress, fur vest and H&M knee high socks.

    Any other Cate owners? I love mine!
    My only complaint so far is that it's slouching by my ankles :sad: any one have any advice to fix that?
  2. SHOE TWINS! I have the cate boot as well and LOVE them, mine are in a tan color. I usually do the same as you and pair them with my favorite helmut lang leggings or a dress. I get the exact same slouching around the ankle area as well, though I don't mind it so much...I have short legs too so I wonder if it's because of that :P
    Have you sprayed yours to protect them? I bought some Apple Garde but am too afraid to use it because I'm afraid I'm going to wreck them and they're my favorite boots!
    Congrats on a beautiful pair....I'm really digging the black!
  3. Ahhh, this girl commented on mine and said she has the tan too! Do you mind sharing a pic if you have one? I'm just dying to see it.

    Okay, good to know its not just me! I was starting to wonder if I needed to wear thicker socks :P

    I haven't sprayed mine.. They've graced rain already. I'll be storing them once it started snowing here in Boston. I usually don't spray any of my shoes :x

    Thank you! I'm excited for my next pair of CL's now :biggrin: it just gives so much confidence when I wear them.
  4. I actually found mine on ebay after a fiasco of my own about a year ago with a pair of black Cate I feel your pain. I ended up getting a pair of Fendi's instead and I am sure glad I did because I love this tan color....and I'm hard pressed to find tan boots I like.

    But those black ones are soo pretty...I know it's just my obsession talking but those black ones are making my heart beat fast too! I don't actually NEED them lol.
    loubie4.jpg loubie1.jpg loubie2.jpg loubie3.jpg
  5. Oh. My. The tan is gorgeoussssss! :heart: It's the perfect shade of tan!!
    They also come in a hunter green suede this season -- not sure how versatile and durable that's going to be though.
  6. Thank you! I saw those too, I prefer the leather like we have but I definitely like those in suede as well though I agree with you, they are less versatile.
  7. congrats! Those boots are great
  8. My boyfriend has a pair of these and I think they are really cool for a flat looking boot with a tiny bit of a hidden wedge!

    All stilettos for me tho!
  9. They look great! Glad they work for you! :smile:
  10. Great boots! Congrats!
  11. Congratulations!!