CL Burma Very Prive

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  1. In case anyone is interested, I ordered these shoes from Gray happens to be my current favorite clothing color so I pre-ordered them thinking they would be shipped in October, instead I got them two days ago. I find the cut to be a bit larger than my tortoise shell VP and as you can see there is less toe cleavage. The leather is very soft and I can tell they would be more comfortable than the tortoise shell. The color is quite dark and can look brown or even black and less shiny than the pic on
    burmaandturtlevptagged.JPG tagged.JPG
  2. I love your tortoise shell pumps too!! I thought the Burma pumps were purple in the NM pic. They look great on you!
  3. They still look like a soft black to me...I guess they are more "charcoal"?
  4. They don't look that grey in the pics, but that could be because of the light. They DO look great on your feet. Enjoy them!
  5. Oh my...they do look quite dark.

    hmm, perhaps I should cancel my order..

    I was thinking they were kinda metallic and more of a charcoal/blue shade. :hrmm:

    Would you say these are pretty matte, LavenderIce?
  6. They are gorgeous!! I love the color and they look great on you! Enjoy....
  7. Thanks for the positive comments ladies!

    Butterfly, they are dark and more matte. I was envisioning something more silver-y and shiny in color. It's just that they feel so soft and comfy I don't want to let them go. Admittedly, when I opened the box I was shocked at how dark they were.
  8. the shoes are so cute! they look great on you too!