CL Bruges Question???

  1. I'm sure I already know the answer to this but is there any chance these come in 3 inches or lower? They are so hot but lord, I would probably kill myself if they were any higher than 3 inches. I want a black pair of CL for my work wardrobe. They need to be comfortable though. Any suggestions?:idea:
  2. I don't believe the bruges come in 3 inches or less. The platform is about 1/2 an inch though as I recall.

    I used to really want a pair of them, but I'd prefer to have the decollete zeppa in black patent or the gwenissima in black or gray.

  3. A girl can dream I guess. Do you have any pictures of the ones you mentioned? I'd love to see pics.
  4. I think the bruges only come in the regular 4 1/2" But I have to tell you they're comfortable because of the platform. I find them more comfortable than my 3 1/2" pumps. They may not be for the office, but they're for going out. I really recommend them.
  5. u could always go for a pair of miss ticks. I have miss ticks in blk and they rock but mine are without a platform. These ones are available at the Horatio St location if ur interested here's the number (212) 255 1910 make sure u ask for Elizabeth.

  6. you go!

    Decollete Zeppa :

    Gwenissima :
  7. ^^

    i think she wants shoes no higher then 3"
  8. There is a yoyo with a 3" heel. Here is a link to a pair on eBay:

    You could also do the decoltissimo in a 85 mm (go to and you can see some options). I have them in 100 mm and they are great.

    The simple pump is also an option. These are suede, but just to give you an idea:
  9. To date "Bruges" only comes in that 4.25-4.5" inch version (heel height is actually slightly higher for larger's "graduated"), with an approx. 0.5-inch platform. BUT those "Miss Tick" pumps are quite similar in style and very, very comfortable ("Miss Tick" comes in the platform-less version and a platform version).
  10. ^^^Foxy, have you ever thought about writing a tell all guide to Louboutins??? You could include sizing tips and what shoes came in what styles, colors, and prints. I would totally buy it!!! LOL

  11. The yoyo are hot...I'll have to look into those on Saturday. I just love the look of the platform and they seem to be more comfortable on my feet, along with a wedge shoe. I just want a simple black leather shoe...not patent leather though. Thanks for all the help...I'm going to start my search now. Let me know if you have any other suggestions. I appreciate all the help.
  12. foxy--are these still avail in boutiques or were they limited to that one season?

    You are the fount of all CL knowledge around here, that's for sure. Thanks!
  13. I told her which two CLs that I really want and she asked to post pictures so I did. ;)
  14. I will have to live vicariously through you when you wear these. Both are gorgeous!!!
  15. oh sorry:sad: