CL bruges adive from maternal PF'ers

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  1. Hello! and Thanks in advance for everything!

    I have been pining for a pair of CL mrs. boxe or bruges. But I am a college student who lives in flip flops. So logically, one would think DON"T GET THEM.

    I recently discovered Oh Deers! a much more financially friendly.

    I guess i am just pathetically searching for the "it's okay to start out low, then build up! Esp since you never wear heels" resassurance.

    thanks for letting me rant, i just need someone to talk some sense into me!

    Input completely needed!
  2. I'm sorry but I am not a fan of copys, there are lots of affordable designers who make beautiful inexpensive shoes...but i realize that this is a bummer for ppl who can not afford the real thing.
    I would just never buy a rip off bag or shoes...aside from them being fakes the quality is always questionable.
    Spring for the original, it will last you MUCH longer and its so much nicer knowing your wearing real CL's
  3. I agree, there is no comparison to the real thing. Plus, I think Louboutins are the most comfortable heels and will be easier to wear then the Oh Deer knockoffs. I am a student too and dont get alot of chances to wear heels but that hasnt stopped me from buying louboutins!
  4. I agree^^

    Save up and get the real thing- they are pricey I know, but are so worth it!
    Louboutins are suprisingly comfortable considering the heel height.

    They are constructed very well and made of very high quality materials.
    I am sure Oh Deer shoes cannot compare.

    I love my flip flops too but every now and then I like to slip into a pair of my Louboutins- they make you feel like a hot mama!:graucho:
    I am sure you won't regret buying a pair!

    Good luck with your shoe search! ;)
  5. after some thinking.... am going to bite the bullet and save save save and then maybe even sacrifice some of my bbags. Thanks for all the advice ladies.