CL Boutiques?? What Cities??

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  1. HI Ladies!!
    Ok, so I was just in Vegas and actually missed the opening of the CL boutique by 2 days!!! I have never been in one of his boutiques, only SAKS, Neimans, Holts, etc. Besides Vegas and there's actually one in Montreal that I know of....where are the other boutiques??
  2. 2 in New york... one on horatio and the other on madision
    One in Beverly hills
    There are several in paris
  3. They have one coming soon in boston as well
  4. one coming to orange county in CA

  5. WHAT?????????????????????????????? SOON WHEN!?!? Boston is my hometown and while my parents have (unsuccessfully) attempted to get me to move back THIS might do it......:graucho::graucho::graucho:
  6. ^^ Not sure when but I understand they are supposed to be leasing 5900 sq feet in boston... Let me go and find info for you LOL
  7. Says something about 5900 sq feet on newbury street
  8. my best friend lives in orange county !!! yay!! any news on when they're opening?
  9. Oooh, I love Boston! And Newbury Street would be the perfect location for a CL Boutique!
  10. London, Motcomb Street

    They have them listed on the CL website
  11. One of the SAKS SA at South Coast Plaza said they should be opening one there in the fall.

  12. :tup:Yet another spot on Newbury that will be dangerous for me to go to! I'm so excited:yahoo:

    ps So last night I told my mother I was going to maybe look into law school in Boston... Her reaction: What, did you get red sox season tickets or is there a CL boutique opening!?!?:wtf::wtf::wtf: YES my mother knows me TOO WELL!!!!
  13. LOL!;)
  14. ^^^ Lol
  15. Ladies...the South Coast Plaza Website Has The Cl Boutique Listed As Opening In Fall 2008!!!!