CL boutiques - holiday hours?

  1. Do the CL boutiques have holiday hours/close early or close for any of the upcoming holidays?

    I'm wondering as I just called Horatio twice and no one picked up (left a msg), usually someone's still there right now, IME...also, if I don't get a response soon I want to try calling again sometime this weekend...
  2. I do not know the holiday hours, though I imagine they would be closed for Christmas Day and New Year's Day. Keep in mind that the Horatio Street location is closed on Mondays anyway. What time zone are you calling from? I believe the H St. Boutique usually closes at 7. Are you planning on picking out a present in store or are you just calling in?
  3. Ah, thanks. I know their regular hours, but I was a little surprised that no one picked up! I'm on the west coast, so there should've been someone there still at the time. I was calling to talk to my SA about my special order. :smile: I'll probably try again today.