CL boots - worth over one grand?

  1. So I've been obsessing about CL knee high boots. Non-stop. :drool: I was about to settle for the suede but the fall line of leather boots came out and i was like :nuts::drool::drool::drool:. It's pretty crazy. Just a few days ago I splurged for a balenciaga bag. As I was handing over the $1700 I was like wth am i doing? :sweatdrop: $1700?? really?? just as i'm getting over the shock of spending so much dough on one single item, im now eyeing these boots and seriously considering forking over the $1350 for a pair. I do have 3 other pairs of knee high boots, the highest end one being a $450 charles david one that looks pretty gorgeous but isn't exactly the most comfy. im sure CL boots should be much more comfy, which really is one of my highest priorities at this point. is it worth it?? should i go for it????? ahhhhh.......:sweatdrop:

  2. Wow these look devine! :drool: I'm afraid I'd only be an enabler, so I'll say nothing :p
  3. they are beautiful, but its not like you can't find that same style in a cheaper version. Think about how many other pairs of boots you can purchase for $1700
  4. I want to get a pair of CL boots too! I love how the heel looks on them.... but its like the cost of one really nice bag so debating what to do here...
  5. to be honest the actual boot is probably not worth the's the brand we all splash our money on. in the end, you should do what makes you happy. i personally love the're most likely to be able to find a pair of boots that LOOK like these...but no red sole. ok i'm not helping. well...if you can afford it, get it! if not...don't burden yourself. it'll only be worth it if you REALLY love them and you can afford them. hope that helps! =]
  6. Don't get them. IMHO, Too expensive and the only distinctive difference is the red sole. Do you really want to pay all that moolah for plain black boots that you couldn't tell were CL if they didn't have the red soles?
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    IMO,these particular boots are too pointy toed. Also, CL boots are not exceptionally more comfy than any other boot. It's simply a matter of whether they are your perfect black boot or not.

    Sounds more likenot.
  8. For me there would have to be something more that made the boot unique than just the red sole...that has kind of been my viewpoint on dropping loot on CL shoes thusfar. I'm not buying the simpler style pumps that can be found anywhere unless I find them on sale in the $300ish range. If the boot had some kind of unique detailing on it that I couldnt find elsewhere I would probably get them at full retail. Thats my 2 cents...
  9. Stunning, but I think I am going to go with the JC boots. They are nearly $1000 cheaper and at that point, Im just paying for the name and the read sole. Not worth the extra money IMHO.
  10. :yes: There are plenty of knee high black boots out there.
  11. hahahaha you guys are so rational!! thank you, i needed to hear all that. you're all absolutely right - nothing stands out particularly on these boots except the red sole. perhaps i was too mesmirized by it! :p i just really want some high quality, long-lasting, super comfy knee high boots and my mind went right to CL...
  12. so true, so true.