CL boot help!!!!

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  1. I'm new to TPF.. But I've got a ton of questions.
    I'm also new to CL shoes and boots... I know right..Like where have I been..LOL..
    But back to my important questions about them.. I'm trying to decide on some boots to buy.. But I've gotta ask..
    What is the difference between all of them??
    There is soo many that seem to look exactly the same to me.
    The Bourge... The Pretty woman.. The Babel.. Ginevra
    Bourge zeppa..Alta Ariella???

    Sorry if this seems like a very stupid question... I just don't see the difference between them.
    I want to purchase a pair but would like the help and input of "professionals" :P
  2. for most of them the differences are in:
    The zipper (inside or back)
    the toe (similar declic or decollete)
    the platform (some have and some don't)
  3. I think most of them are just cut differently, probably different heel heights as well. I have the Babels (black suede) and love them. They are surprisingly comfortable. To me the Babel and Ginerva look the same but I am sure someone can tell you the exact difference. The Pretty Woman seems to have a much steeper cut - not sure if the heel is higher but they seem to be shaped kind of like the decolletes when it comes to underneath of the shoe if that makes sense. Alta Ariellas I'm pretty sure have a pretty high hidden platform, and the top of the toe always looks more rounded and higher than the other boots. I'm sure someone else (like Laureen) can chime in with more exact specifications!
  4. ^the ginerva has a hidden platform and the toe is shaped differently as well; its close to the declic
  5. The Bourge has a Decollete toe, the Alta Ariellas have a Rolando toe, the Pretty Woman has a Pigalle toe (and I think it comes in 100mm and 120mm heights), the Babel has a Ron Ron toe, and the Ginerva seems to have a Declic toe.
  6. So what is the difference between the bourge and the babel???
    They look exactly the same.
  7. As Laureen said, the Babel has a Ron Ron toe and the Bourge has a decollete toe so the Babel is rounder while the toe on the Bourge is an almond shape
  8. Does anyone know if the Bourge comes in an 85mm heel?
  9. No, the Bourge only came in the higher heel. The Babel came in both 85 and 100mm heels though. There isnt much difference between the two except for the toe box shape.
  10. [​IMG]

    What´s the name of these?

    It´s from an Ebay auction.
  11. Not sure about 85, but I know they did come in a lower heel, but the heel was thick, not a stiletto.
  12. I think the suede versions did. IIRC they were on sale at Barneys last spring.

    ETA: As Laureen mentioned, they were a thick heel.