CL Black Rolandes--can you help me find a pair?

  1. I'm looking for a pair of black kid rolandes (the sling backs) ... are they still avail? Any ideas on where I can find them. Even better if on sale (fat chance, I know).

    Also, can anyone give me sizing advice? I've heard size up half and size down half. I'm between a 39 and 39.5 in CLs usually. I have a pair of patent decolletes in a 40 which fit like a glove; however, I have a pair of slingback white mesh Mlle. Marchands that are a tidge snug in a 39.

    Should I stick with 39.5?


  2. I am not sure where to find the black kidskin. I do know that these are very narrow in the toebox. Being that they have an adjustable strap you can go with a bigger size. I am 37 or 37.5 in CLs and got these in a 37.5. The toe area is very narrow for me. There is toe cleavage and admittedly, my fourth toe on each foot is kinda scrunched in them. I tried a 38 for a looser toe area but saw that it was too big in the heel and not that much looser in the toe area.
  3. Try Saks. I just purchased a pair of black patent rolandes (should be here in a few days); maybe they have them in kid leather, too..

    I'm not great at sizing advice, but I say yes to a 39.5.
  4. Saks ... any particular location? I'm totally dying for a pair. I'll PM you.

  5. I'd recommend sticking to your DECOLLETE 868 size for the Rolande's -- sizing-wise they run pretty much the same way.
  6. I must have some abnormally shaped feet because all the CL advice I've ever heard, rarely applies to me..

    For instance, Decolletes fit me larger than Rolandos/Rolandes...:hrmm:
  7. Me too! Sizing is such a variable. You really have to know what works for you and what does not.