CL Black Patent Pigalle - help please!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm desperately trying to get original 5 inch black patent Pigalles but no luck so far. :hysteric:I wanted to get them for Christmas parties in December. I looked on eBay but it's kind of monopoly - naturalgasgirl, manoloshoes and few others selling CLs for much more than RRP which is quite annoying, don't you think? I live in the UK. And if I pay BIN price plus say $45 postage, plus UK customs charges 17.5% - the total will be extortionate. :wtf:

    I was in Paris in August and went to the CL boutique in rue de Grenelle to order Pigalles but the SA was rather rude and unhelpful. SA put down my name on the waitlist in Harrods if they have any in stock in the future - hmmm, when I wonder? Defo, not before Christmas.

    Are they about $600 in shops? I wonder whether I could order them online from a reputable US store. OK, I don't mind paying customs duties if they are reasonably priced.

    Any ideas please? :yes:
  2. Jo-Mitzi - Bergdorf Goodman in NYC currently has the black patent pigalle in the original 120mm (5") heel. They also have them in bright blue patent and wine/purple patent. I think that they retail for about $550. You can call my SA at Bergdorf Goodman, he is very helpful. His name is Thomas and he can be reached at 212.753.7300. Good Luck.

    Unfortunately, I have not seen them on sale from online retailers.

    I love pigalles but I have such a hard time walking in them.
  3. Thank you very much Kamilla. It's very kind of you. :tup:
    I'll call them and see if they would ship to the UK. Or should I go for a weekend shopping trip to NYC to do my Christmas shopping? That would be fun! :yahoo:

    I've just found patent Matador on Berdorf Goodman's website for just $520:

    They are lush and look quite comfortable to wear because they have round toes. They only thing is whether I want sligbacks for winter and whether they would suit my Christmas outfits. I wanted Pigalles because they elongate your legs so much. One of my dresses is 50-s style with a very full skirt so I must wear very high heels. Somehow Matadors are not very popular. Underrated? :confused1:

    Oh, Bergdorf (the website) may ship to the UK, I just need to call them to confirm. So if the worst comes to the worst I could order black patent Matadors.

    By the way, do you find Pigalles uncomfortable to wear because of the shoe design or the heel height?

    Anyway, it's a must for CL lovers even though you can't walk in them, they are eye candy and oh soooo sexy. Beg, borrow or steal - I must get them. :nuts:
  4. ^--- Kamilla, I :heart: Thomas!

    Jo-Mitzi, the SA's in Paris are generally stand-offish, but if you engage them in convo, and let them know which SA you usually work with, they warm up. That said, the last time I was in Paris, I was also told they have no more pigalles. But a phone call from my regular SA in NY and *poof* -- three pairs of pigalles miraculously appeared from the "back studio".

    If BG fails you, you can always special-order if you have your heart set on a specific pigalle.
  5. Jo-Mitzi, I am sure that BG will be able to ship to the UK but it might be a bit expensive.
    I prefer the pigalle over the matador because the pigalle is a much sexier silouhette and your legs look like they go on forever in those shoes. I am sure that the matador is more comfortable but in my book, sex appeal is the #1 deciding factor when buying shoes.
    And as fate mentioned, I am sure that the CL boutiques in NYC have them as well.

    Fate - that is so funny, you work with Thomas also? He is so great and very accomodating. I love his style, he always looks so good when I see him. If I wasn't engaged and he didn't have a girlfriend...
  6. when i was hunting for my 5" Pigalles, i called the Manhattan boutique and got them to order them in from Paris for me. if you call any of the Louboutin boutiques and ask if they'll send a pair in from Paris, i'm sure it wouldn't be too difficult. or you might as well take the train right into Paris and look for it :lol:
  7. Fatefullotus, I did my best to engage the SA in the conversation - even in French. Nevertherless, she fobbed me off. I know there is a second boutique near Louvre (I think it's their head office as well) and I asked her whether they might have Pigalle in stock, she suggested that we took a taxi to get there on time (it was 6:30 and they close at 7 p.m.). I thought she would call the boutique to find out for me, but no. When I said that we came from London, she said why don't you ask the CL boutique in London then? I was absolutely gutted because I wanted to bring them home - that was the main purpose of the trip to Paris. Anyway we enjoyed the trip very much.

    I've given the phone numbers (both the CL boutique in London and BG) and the website addresses to my husband to deal with it. :roflmfao: Hopefully he'll be able to order them for me.
  8. I have been into Selfridges in London today and they have got in the black patent pigalle. I got a pair!!!

    They came in this morning, so if you call them, I think they have quite a few in stock.

    Good luck, I hope you find them.