CL Ballerina Flats what do they look like on?

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  1. I was wondering if anyone has pics of their CL Ballerina flats on?

    I've been thinking of getting a pair but I've never seen what they look like on the foot and unfortunately wont get a chance to try a pair on myself.

    Also are they comfy?
  2. Hi. I tried on a pair at Saks last weekend, and I didn't really like them. I had major toe cleavage. I do have a wider foot, though, so they may fit you differently.
  3. Thanks stevenash, I was wondering how much toe cleavage there would be lol & the toe looks a little boxy/square in pics do they look like that on?
  4. Yes, I have a wider foot and there is toe cleavage. The toe is more square too. Sorry, I do not have pics of it on, they are relatively comfy but could probably be more so if I went another half size up.
  5. I love CL flats, I'll get a pic for you later today!
  6. I own a pair of peeptoe moonbow flats, which I love. They are very comfortable and show considerable amounts of toe cleavage.

    I've also tried on a few pairs of his fall/winter flats with the squared toe. They were comfortable, but ran nearly a full size too small for me. I didn't get a pair only because I am too hard on my flats and would rather wait to get another pair of his pumps.