City Woes

  1. Call me crazy, but I have been carrying my pewter First for over a month now almost exclusively. I carry the Edith when I teach, but most of the time the First goes, too. So yesterday I decided to move my things into my ink City for a run into town. I had my usual stuff plus a digital camera and a sunglasses case, but for some reason the City felt really heavy! Those of you who have the First and City, do you find it hard to change back to a City after using the First for a while? I switched them back today and was happy again. Will I ever be able to carry a City again? I have a blue-grey City on pre-order, so I am concerned! :blink:
  2. The first time I carried my city, I thought it was heavy too. I think the next time I use it, it is going over my shoulder. In fact, I plan to carry all my bags on my shoulder so as to avoid darker handles.

    To answer your question, I think you will be fine. I adjust rather quickly when I switch from my lighter to heavier bags.
  3. welp, i used to think the city was a little heavy too (which is why it took me a while to get one)'s definitely a bit heavier than the first...but the first is such a little bag comparatively...i :heart: the diversity of having different sized bags for different occasions/uses...and all of the b-bags are soooooooooooooo light compared to other leather & even non-leather bags (LV's, etc.)...i'm truly amazed at how light even my weekender is!!!...but it also depends on which leather & year your bags are are too...mine are all from 2006, so the leather's super light :smile:
  4. ET, part of the appeal of the bbags for me was its light-weight leather. i'm surprised you found the city heavy when you're use to carrying an edith. for me, nothing is more back breaking than chloe leather (i love that its thick and plush though). comparatively for its size against other brands, i don't find the city heavy at all. could it be the way it was carried? the edith is carried hand held... did you carry the city that way? or did you carry it on the hook of your arm? just trying to brainstorm...:blink:
  5. yeah, wow, those chloe paddingtons are kinda like bricks to me :Push:

    p.s. sorry to all those chloe-lovers out there :flowers:
    p.p.s. i :heart: stella's clothes & perfume, but not her bags
  6. I TOTALLY understand what you are going through.
    My first bag was a city, my second was a first.
    I adored the city, but when I got my first I used it a lot...I NEVER went back to using the city and feeling the same love for it again after that.
    It's felt really boxy and big and I adore the first size now, more, to this day :sad:

    The weigh never really bothered me though, as I have some REALLY heavy bags...but just the size seemed rather unecessary and square suddenly...

    (ps- my girlfriend was asking me about bags, she's just about to start her first teaching job this fall, and I told her to get the Edith!! It's the PERFECT hot teacher bag!!)
  7. Winona, the Edith IS the perfect teacher's bag! It is totally cute, even if it is a big on the heavy side.

    I know the City is lightweight just seems really heavy compared to the First, even with the same amount of stuff inside. Once I switched back, I was fine. The only extra thing was the camera. I carried it handheld and also with the shoulder strap (which was nice, I will admit...the shoulder strap on the First is almost silly). I guess in the fall when I have to carry novels with me to grad classes the City will be the way to go. A blue-grey First seems almost wasteful! A color that great needs a bigger bag!
  8. my first B bag was a city- when i got a work and a first and got to use them i fell instantly in love and the city seemed an awkward size after. maybe its just me but i feel if i need a big bag i go for the work and the first is just right for an everyday bag, the city has been in my closet somewhat neglected:sad: :hrmm:
  9. im looking forward to the PART TIME b bag, it looks like the CITY but a little bigger:yes: :amuse: ;) I HOPE
  10. Apparently Bal NY did not get the Part Time in the blue-grey! :huh: I like the Work, but I need the option of the shoulder strap, so I am sticking with the City. It is a good size for me usually. I think I have just gotten spoiled over the summer carrying less stuff. I WANT MY BLUE-GREY!!!!! :nuts:

    Oh...and yes, the Part Time is about three inches longer than the City, and a tiny bit shorter.
  11. Well my rule is all of my bags need to fit everything I need. My first can manage to stuff everything in it just like my city. So my first is heavier than my city because of the way the weight is proportioned.
  12. i dont know, i thought bigger is better. i went from first to city to work to weekender and now i just bought a new white first!:blink: . i dont like the look of overstuffed bal bags so my white first will be for night time and weekend bee-bopping, not as an everyday bag for me. which is probably a good idea for a white bag.......:cool:
  13. wow, that's sooooooooo true & insightful, it makes alotta sense!!!
  14. I actually never thought about it but you're right but compared to the Chloes they're both light like a feather. I do love my Edith and Paddy but for a shopping tour I definetly prefer the B-bags. I like my city better than the first because it can hold all my stuff, the first can't so it'll be my only first. May be you might like the purse.
  15. This is good to know (in a way) - because i'm on the hunt for my first classique (first) bag and I was concerned about it being too small!

    (O/T~ I have to agree with above - the Edith IS the perfect teacher bag! I"m a college professor and I purchased TWO!)