City with RH -vs- Giant City...any comments?

  1. My second Balenciaga came from BalNY today. I now have a Vert Gazon City with RH, in addition to a Mogano City with giant silver hardware. They are really different. The handles on the RH city are much shorter, 4" versus 5.75 on the Giant City. Also, the leather is thinner and lighterweight on the RH model. In addition, the shoulder strap is not as wide and a couple of inches shorter on the RH.

    The Giant city seems more substantial all the way around.

    Does anyone else notice this? Do I have an oddball bag, or am I captain obvious? ;)

    I like both, BTW. The green leather has a great texture and the color is great!
  2. Nope, I've noticed that too. I can wear the GH city over my shoulder vs. the RH. But the GH is substantially a lot heavier too. :yes:
  3. yup the leather on the GH is definitely diff from the rh leathers... same goes for straps... the GH straps are longer by a little but enough to notice the difference when you use it IMO... congrats on both btw!
  4. Saw a GH City on eBay, gorgeous, planning to get it. How is the leather on GH different from RH??
  5. You Are Captain Obvious now that you have them in person to compare, but I would never have known until I saw the Cities in person how different they are. Everytime I carry my rh Cities, I'm re-amazed at how much lighter and smaller they seem to me. I love both, but my GH's are nearest to my heart--you are right, they are substantial in comparison. I feel like the rh's are more "refined" and subtle. Different looks and feels; isn't that great? Congrats on your gorgeous bags!
  6. i agree wholeheartedly. the rh look is more relaxed and laid-back for me. but i tend to carry more things in my gh, because i'm afraid of stretching out the thin rh leather
  7. Can someone comment on the new Cities with mGH? Is that leather also thicker than the new RH Cities and are the handles also a big longer? Thanks for your help.
  8. Considering the heavier weight of GH, I guess it makes sense to have a different dimension bag and different leather. Otherwise, perhaps the GH would just flop too much in odd ways as it is carried. The RH bags are just more my style and I have not noticed any stretching of the leather...just more relaxation as they break-in.
  9. The new MGH bags are the same size as the rh bags. The GH bags definitely are more substantial and fit on your shoulder better.
  10. I agree. Both my Cities are GH but my friend has RH and I definitely prefer the overall feel of the GH. The length of the handles is the big one for me - the GH bags seem to have a nicer drop, almost as though they slouch more because the handles are not only longer, but the bag is also heavier, which contributes to more slouch. I think the leather on the RH is thinner, therefore probably breaks in quicker but I also feel the GH bags can take more of a hammering. I've had my RGGH Anthra City for over 12 months now, she's been all over various floors and flung all over the place - I refuse to baby my bags - and she doesn't even have so much as a worn corner. The RH bags definitely show signs of wear quicker, IMO.
  11. this.

    also .. it really gets my goat that they made the handles and overall shape of the new mgh just like the rh instead of like giant. i wouldn't mind the new hardware at all but since the handles and everything are so small it's like.. ummmmmmmmmmmmmm. it lacks the big difference between rh and gh. I don't even LOVE gh but I love the substantial feel of them.
  12. Sorry for reviving this thread but when you said 'substantial', do you also mean it looks bigger and more structured (less slouchy) all around? I have the mini hardware cities and love how sleek they look. So...not sure if I would love the giant hardware??? I don't mind the weight but the appearance matters to me. I have petite frame and huge bags tend to look overwhelming on me.
  13. The G21 bags were pretty much the same dimensions as the RH bags except for the handles being thicker and longer. The actual size of the bags was the same.

    When you get a new G21 bag, they are more structured than a RH bag because the leather is thicker but they eventually get worn in to the same extent, it just takes a bit longer.
  14. Thank you!! This is reassuring to know as I'm really worried it wil remain boxy like how city looks when stuffed...THAT will look big on me!! :p

    Appreciate the insights!