City vs. Work?

  1. Hi all,
    I am new to the Bbags and was wondering if the experts here can shed some light. What is the difference between the city and the work?
    Size wise?
    Set up of bag?
    Any info you can give.
    Also, where online can I see them with the best selection, pics, costs, leathers etc.

    Thank you all.
  2. I am the minor here. I have the city in INK and work in Emerald. I gave the ink city to my sister cause I can't deal with the zipper tag in either tuck in or let it out. The work bag is not that huge on my and I am 5'4". Plus the handles will stretch after few uses. And my INK work is on its way to me now .:nuts:
  3. I like the City. It is a nice size...not big, but not small. I can fit all my "stuff" and a couple of books, water bottle, etc. in the bag without any difficulty. Does the Work have a shoulder strap? I like the shoulder strap option. But for me the City is perfect. Can't wait to see the new colors for fall!
  4. Work doesn't have a shoulder strap. When I use my city with shoulder strap, the bag kind of sagged in the middle. I guess maybe because I didn't put a lot of stuff in it. And the tassles on each side always stuck in the zipper when I open or close it.:idea:
  5. I keep my zipper ends inside the bag, but the tassels on the outside, and I have not had any problems. And I use the shoulder strap, too. I use a purseket in mine, so that may help with the sagging (and allows the bag to sit up on its own). Sometimes I just leave it unzipped if I am going to need to get in it frequently. I would definitely consider the shoulder strap an advantage, even if you don't use it least you have the option!
  6. I love the versatility of the city, being able to leave it open and sling it over my shoulder then letting it drop into my hands for a while.
    It's nice.

    It also can fit all of my normal stuff, 3X sunglasses, wallet, phone, makeup pouch and my Laptop!!
  7. the CITY!! it's perfect :love:
  8. Hi Kellybag,

    Definitely check out the ateliernaff site. It's got all the dimensions and you can "mock up" a bag with some paper to the size and see if it's what you want. I originally bought the Work size (to double as a baby bag), but I found I really needed a shoulder strap. So, I returned it (to Barneys) and got a City instead. I also got a Day bag which I use most of the time as my diaper bag.'ll really depend on how you carry your bag and how much stuff you have. Good luck!:biggrin:
  9. You all are great! I have found lots of info. and I need to reread it all. I love you guys. You have given me the fever. I did lean toward the city and even more now with all your help.
  10. Yep, I vote for the City for an 'everyday' bag. Perfect.
  11. Yay, a convert! Welcome to the addiction! :biggrin:
  12. I vote for city, too!
    I love the size, it's perfect and the shoulder strap is nice, too :smile:
  13. I guess it depends on how much stuff you carry. I carry a lot of crap, so the City size is just not big enough for me. I like that I can carry magazines, my agenda, wallet, cosmetic bag and a bunch of other junk in my Work bag.

    I also like that the fake bags I've seen are in the City size or smaller. I haven't seen any fake Work or Weekender bags.;)