City vs. Weekend

  1. Since I'm not really familiar with the weekend... how much bigger is it than the city? I'm looking for a Bordeaux city and can't find one, but there is a weekend that is available. The city is actually the perfect size that I'd want and am affraid that the weekend may be too big... what do you all think???:wacko:
  2. I saw both at my Neimans last week. The Weekend was HUGE! The City was a good everyday size IMO.
  3. Yes, I agree. The weekend is a pretty big bag. I would probably only use that as a work/travel tote, vs. a purse.
  4. I have the city, and it is perfect for an every day bag. The weekend is something you use for travel or work, cuz I would use it to carry notebooks, etc. The city is a great size... wait for the perfect to come :smile:
  5. Yes, I have a city and LOVE the size... was just wondering how much bigger the weekend was and I think I got my answer. Thank you so much ladies!!!
  6. I am pretty sure the Weekend is REALLY big. The Work might be okay if you can't find the City, but the City really is the best choice overall. I can fit a small notebook and student papers in mine, along with all of my other purse stuff. It's the perfect bag. has a red one, not sure if it is bordeaux, but you might take a look. The price is a bit over retail, but they cover customs fees.
  7. Thanks!!! I never knew about this site... but now another question... what do we think about the bordeaux vs ink? :sad:
  8. I'm a little late but the weekend (Voyage) is huge. I sold my LV MC Keepall and replaced it with the voyage.

    And ink vs bordeaux? I love the ink color but the leather on most I have seen is very veiny. I think it's best to buy an ink when you can see it first (or from someone you can trust to properly describe the leather)

  9. I have an ink and it goes with everything (well, except all black). I think it's a very versatile color, neutral with a bit of pop to it. The bordeaux is lovely, too, but might not go with as much. Then again, I wear a lot of jeans, so I like the really deep color with the denim, although I have carried it with blazers and slacks, too.
  10. Hmm... I can't decide!!! Ahhhh!!!!
  11. The weekender is much larger than the city...and it does not have a shoulder strap (neither does the work).

    I found the bordeaux to be quite versatile. I think "best choice" depends on the colors you wear most typically.
  12. Unless you pack around for a weekend to carry around with you, I would go for the city. If I needed something bigger, I would get the work... I akin the weekend to a suitcase.
  13. I would definitely wait for the City. It's the perfect size for everyday!!! The Work seems awfully big in comparison. JMO. Good luck!!!
  14. there is huge difference between these. i personally love the work and the traveler even for every day. i am always looking for another work size balenciaga and will probably end up selling my city sizes bc they are not practical for me, but the city does seem to be the popular size for alot of people.
  15. chaussurewhore, would you by any chance have a bordeaux city to sell? lol. ;)