City Vs Twiggy

  1. So I have seen the city in person and I love it!! However there are no cities right now that I am interested in so I want to know about the twiggy. I know some of you like the twiggy better than the city and wanted your opinion why? For those of you that don't like the twiggy what didn't you like about it?

    How does it compare size wise to to the city? Feel free to post pics:idea: .
  2. i had cities and twiggies. but decided to sold my twiggies.
    the only reason is because it just don't look good on my body... although i love that it's big and very roomy compare to city which is taller but seems to be less roomier that a twiggy.
    pistachio twiggy
    pistachio city
  3. I have both and I think I prefer twiggys. I find they hold almost as much as the city, but are a bit smaller. I like how it "sits" when it's on the table or car seat. The city tends to flop and collapse more, but because of the twiggys shape, it sits better. But, I think certain colors look better in the city, like black. It just seems more "classic".
    I would love to see a larger sized twiggy, but I'm sure that will never happen.
  4. beautiful bag Sea... :smile:

    Ooo i love the twiggy & the city... both really nice... mmm... i say city!! since i have the city and no more twiggy..
  5. I typically like east-west satchels like the Twiggy but when I tried the Twiggy and City side by side, the City was much more comfortable to carry and more comfortable worn with the strap. Since it's more flat, it sat against my body better. But the Twiggy is really cute, too!
  6. Thanks for the pics!!! Your bags are beautiful. I am just not sold on the twiggy. But I haven't seen it. I like the way it looks on seahorseinstripes but hate what it looks like stuffed in pics. It is a bit to breadloaf like for my tastes. It's hard because I keep seeing them in colors I would love to own but I just am not sure about the style.
  7. I absolutely can't pic a fave between those two. I'm so glad that Sea posted that cute pic of her wearing the Pistachio Twiggy. Most people think that Twiggies are too long/wide but once they wear in a little bit and you load them up, they become taller and softer looking. I have some older Twiggies and they are definitely favored over my newer ones because they're so nice and worn in.

    All that aside, I love that Twiggy has bigger pockets than the City. Other than that, they're even in my book.. although I tend to fantasize more about Twiggies for some reason!