City vs. Twiggy???

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  1. Up until now I have only purchased Cities. I love the size, and I usually have quite a bit in my bag. I am considering a Twiggy, but have never seen one IRL. I know the measurements, but it's still hard to decide if the size is comparable to a City and I'm also concerned that a Twiggy might be too "Boxy" or flat and bulky? Can someone who has both give me an opinion? Thanks.
  2. I just got my first Twiggy about 3 weeks ago and at first wasn't to sure about it because it looked so long. BUT now that I have used it it's starting to slouch and I LOVE it! I carry a coin purse, wallet, sunglass case and a money bag (I'm a hairstylist) in it. I think you can fit a little more in the City but the Twiggy is pretty big. Keep us posted if you end up getting a Twiggy!
  3. I have a Twiggy and a City and although I love both, I prefer the City slightly because of the height and depth of the bag. The Twiggy is long and not as tall and when the leather gets broken in it gets larger, depth wise, and the bag collapses and my wallet, cosmetic case, cell, etc. start spilling out (when I set it down and don't have it closed). I don't have a problem with the City doing that being it's taller and not as wide but I can't bring myself to part with the Twiggy because I do love the way it slouches and would purchase maybe 2 more just so I have a color for each season. :smile:
  4. There's nothing better than a slouchy twiggy!
  5. As far as I'm concerned, this is a complete toss up. You can not go wrong with either. They both look SO good when broken in and both carry a good amount. Such tough decisions!!!! ;)
  6. I have both city and twiggy and although I love them both I use my twiggy more. It just feels easier to carry, dont know why but there you go!!
  7. I love both. Twiggy looks great when it gets broken in, slouch and very comfortable. The City is more formal looking to me. The City is my favorite followed closely by the Twiggy. I really like the brigher colors in the Twiggy.
  8. Twiggy is my favorite Balenciaga style! I got "pressured" :roflmfao: into buying a City (it being a classic and all), but i hardly use it! It seems a bit formal (powderpuff :yes:) and awkward (read: "square") to me. Size-wise they fit about the same, but I actually don't like the depth dimension that Louis_gal mentioned. It's much easier for me to find my stuff in the Twiggy, instead of reaching into the City.
  9. The Twiggy was my least favourite style until I finally took out all the tissue paper from one at Barneys and tried it on. Now I am getting ready to purchase my fourth Twiggy! It and the First are my favourite styles at this point.

    I think the Twiggy is particularly flattering on short women; I am 4'11" (:s) and the City appears a bit big and square on me. The Twiggy is a more manageable size and holds about the same amount of stuff. Like UliUli, I think it's easier to find things as well without the extra depth. Also, the inside zip pocket on the Twiggy is VERY roomy and holds quite a bit, whereas the City's is somewhat small and useless for me.

    I should point out that my Twiggies have a relatively small haul stuffed inside of them. I think that if you are going to be cramming your bag full, the City is a better option - when the Twiggy gets stuffed, it does have an unappealing sausage effect. I prefer the Twiggy to the City for shoulder strap use as well - on a small person like me, it's very easy to wear messenger style if I want my hands free and it looks cute just slung over one shoulder with the strap too.

    I say try a Twiggy! :yes:
  10. I just got my first Twiggy a week or so ago. I love it! The City is great too, but I have a feeling the Twiggy will soon become my favorite!
  11. What she said! :tup: