City vs. Twiggy

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  1. So I've always been a City gal, but am starting to branch out. I bought the Messenger which I love, and I'm on a waiting list for the Step/Day Off (provided it's not a whole lot bigger than the City), but I keep seeing Twiggy's that catch my eye. What are the plusses and minuses of a Twiggy? I'm thinking it would be a great bag to get in a really bright color (Jaune maybe?). How practical is the Twiggy compared to the City?
  2. i've had the twiggy, and i love it. it's less structured than the city and fits just as much as the city. you can carry it hand-held, on the crook of your arm, or over the shoulder. it looks better when it's not stuffed to the brim so it's more slouchy and less like a loaf of bread. plus, i think the twiggy is a great size for day and night. a bright color in this style would be awesome!
  3. I'm curious about this too... I've always felt the Twiggy was a little too "long" for me, but have recently been attracted to it. I've never tried one on, though. Maybe there'll be a great deal on eBay someday and I'll get the opportunity to test one.

    They still look odd to me when they're brand new, but very nice once broken in!
  4. ^^ totally agree with u guys.... in holt renfrew or in the AR pdf files they were always stuffed full, which IMO looked really weird, but when i saw broken in pics of them on tPF :P i just had to get one...! that's why i've got a cornflower twiggy on the way...!! :yahoo:
  5. ^Oooh, congrats, orinoco! Please post modeling pics when she gets here!
  6. The city shows as being 10"h x 15"w x 3.5"d;

    The twiggy is 7"h x 14"w x 6.5"d

    So the twiggy is actually shorter than the city. It must look longer because it is shorter?:shrugs:
  7. I think the shape of the twiggy is very slimming:tup:
  8. For me, the Twiggy is just a more casual and unstructured style. Slouchy, scrumptious leather in a well loved Twiggy combined with the tassels just make it a very rocker-chic edgy bag all around. Perfection! :love:
  9. I like both, but I feel the City looks more classic for my style. They are both gorgeous and roomy bags!
  10. i love both. i think the only negative thing about the twiggy is when you set the bag down and if it is unzipped, the stuff inside the bag kind of spills out. of course, this only happens to me because i never zip my bags up.
  11. I hated the Twiggy.. even my boyfriend told me he thought it was ugly lol I'm pretty slender so I think the wide-ness/long-ness of it was unflattering & I thought it looked like a duffel bag when worn on the shoulder.

    I LOOOOOOOOOVE the City, though! My fav. style :yes:
  12. I have a twiggy and i love it i dont over stuff it so i am able to carry it over my shoulder on my forarm or handheld.

    I dont have my magenta city yet i cant wait to get it... but im glad to hear everyones thoughts on the city
  13. That's a definite check in the Negative column for me. I tend to not zip my bags, and that would drive me nuts.

    I do love my City's; maybe I should stick with what works for me.
  14. I have never tried on the twiggy so for now the city is the style I would choose. In pics the twiggy looks to duffel bag-like to me. ^^ I agree, I never zip my bag unless I am on the tube.
  15. Once I tried the twiggy, I knew it was the one for me. It's needs to be a little broken in, slouching at the handles, it gets more of a square shape then. The city is great too, but it always feels a little too briefcasey for me. Then again, a really broken in city is a great shape.
    The only negative with the twiggy is that I don't really like how it looks when worn with the shoulder strap - it gives it a weird U-shape.
    I like when you put it down and it melts, it's easy to find things that way!