City vs. Purse

  1. How is the Purse different from City?
  2. Isn't the purse a simpler bag?
  3. Are they about the same size? And the purse doesn't come w/ a strap right?
  4. The purse has two handles and no long strap. They are similar in size but I think the purse is slightly bigger. The zippers on the purse don't hang over the ends of the bag.
  5. I think there is a good reason the purse was discontinued, if you catch my drift :graucho:

    The city is perfection!
  6. The Purse is such a beautiful style and unique if you ask me. It's not the same style that you see on most Bbag carriers. Don't get me wrong, I love most Bbag styles, but The Purse garners many of the compliments I get when carrying my various Bbags. The handles fit so comfortably over the shoulder too. No need for a long detachable strap. I'm personally bummed they have been discontinued.
  7. I tried the Purse style once and it didn't work for me ... it is rounder than the city and more Matronly IMO ... the City is more RockerChic, a bit edgier :p
  8. i think the city is deeper than the purse, someone correct me if i'm wrong. and the purse is taller. i think that's the trade off without stating the obvious. the city is edgier as queenvictoria said, with a rectangular body while the purse has rounded corners and longer handles that fit over the shoulder. there's a pretty lilac purse on eBay right now!
  9. I have both and love them equally. The purse is flatter and carries slightly less then the city, but then again, it's more comfortable on the shoulder. Less worry about the handles darkening too. If you can find a purse, def get one, because those are much harder to find now than a city. You can always get a city another time.
  10. I agree with this post, word-for-word! If I could get my hands on the Purse, I'd definitely have more Purses than Cities!

    Also, I disagree that the Purse is "matronly." I prefer the word "lady-like." :yes: It's an ever-so-slightly more elegant and dressy style than the City, which is definitely more casual. The reason it's called the "Purse" (IMO) is that it has a classic shape. And the tassels give it that edgy touch that Bal is so famous for with its Moto line.

  11. ^^ ITA, perfectly put gals!!!
  12. OK, I should have said ON ME it looked Matronly :p It did.
  13. I'm a big fan of the Purse :yahoo: it's my favorite style actually :yes: ! Also it's very hard to find b/c the style is discontinued, unfortunately :sad: ! Beside the work and day I'd buy ONLY purses - they are just perfect and so comfortable to wear :tender:I LOVE LOVE LOVE them :heart: