City vs. Purse

  1. Trying to figure out main differences between City and Purse:

    Purse = 2 inches longer, 1 inch taller, no shoulder strap, but longer handle drop so perhaps shoulder friendly?

    Any other significant differences? Perhaps a slightly more "feminine", other than a bit more room and no shoulder strap...anything I should consider if I'm thinking of a Purse vs. another City?

    Would love thoughts from anyone familiar with both styles. Many thanks. :p
  2. I have 3 cities and 2 purses and like them equally. The purse is a bit more carefree and comfortable to wear, for example when you go shopping and don't want to bother with your bag. You could use the strap for the city ,but the purse is still more comfortable for me. Also, the purse is very beautiful when it breaks in a bit, it has a beautiful drape and the 8 shape so it looks less rectangular than when new.
    I think it's worth it to try it, it's a great style!
  3. Many thanks Danae. As much as I love my City (and need every inch of room in it), there's something awfully "pretty" about the purse. A small but significant change from the City shape. If I can find a decent colour, I think I'll give it a go. Many thanks.
  4. With the Purse, there's no attack of the flying zippers, either! I love the City, but sometimes you just want a change.
  5. I have both styles and this is my take:

    Purse - shoulder/elbow/hand carry, more "feminine", lies flat against the body, holds less (unless you don't mind a more bulky look at the bottom), only one zipper to deal with, more streamlined

    City - elbow/hand carry (I don't like using the strap), more casual (I tuck the zipper ends and tassels in if I want a less casual look), holds more without looking bulky

    You can't go wrong with either style! I say get both! :graucho:
  6. AHA!! Holds less you say?? Hmmmm...could be a problem...couldn't find a depth to compare with the City which is, of course, 5.5" deep. Addy...if you're still around...I'm trying to decipher the style of a bag on hold for me in London....# is: 173080.1669 (underside of leather tag). Hoping it MIGHT be a purse. The store, of course, doesn't have a clue. "looks like a city, but it's not a shoulder strap..."

    Many thanks on your purse vs. city comments. Very helpful. :yes:
  7. Hey Maggien, 173080 serial number belongs to the Giant Work. The code for the Purse is 128522. Sorry! :sad:
  8. You're a doll! Many thanks! Flatflux, too! I was really hoping this was a Purse 'til Flatflux set me straight...but at $1213.00 U.S. for a Giant Sandstone Work...maybe I should go for it anyway??? Do we think that's a good price??
  9. Did you want to get a Giant Sandstone Work, though? If you do, then by all means, but if what you're after is a Purse, then, maybe you should save your money for that?

  10. The purse is like a large first and the straps are meant for the shoulder, it has rounded corners. The city has squared corners and more of a rectangle shape w/ the regular Bal handles. Personally I like the city better..I want one! :smile:
  11. Maggien, do you want me to take pics showing the Purse and City together so you get a good idea about size and capacity?
  12. I agree with everything that has been said and personally prefer the Purse! It's my favourite style!
    Here's a comparison pic:
    , Purse and City
  13. Great reference pic, dear Marie!
    I think the Purse looks great when stuffed, and because you carry it on the shoulder it doesn't weigh you down as a loaded City might... I usually carry spare tshirts or scarves with me, and I keep them in the Purse, and it looks great. Actually I would say it's very roomy. It's my go-to style.
    However, nothing can top the City for its coolness factor.
    I would advise you to try the Purse, the chances you'll love it are very high!
  14. Oh Addy! I'm so sorry I didn't respond earlier! You are TOO kind! Thank you so much, but when I found out this other bag was a Work, I did what any self-respecting crazed fool would do...I bought a second Red City. This one is an '06 Rouge vif. I love my '04 True Red and have heard so much about the vif I had to do it. Someone mentioned that the Purse holds quite a bit less than the City and even though I LOVE the shape of the Purse, I most definitely cannot give up any space. Gaining a bit would be fine, but no less. Many thanks for your sweet offer, though. Incidentally, my Avatar :heart: your Avatar. Is he/she a mini or standard?
  15. Oh my Gawd Marie! I can't breathe...that PURSE :heart:;););)! It's VERY hard to tell from the photos how the Purse could possibly hold less than the City. I'm missing something....gorgoeus pic! Thank you!!