city vs. part-time

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City vs. Part-Time

  1. City

  2. Part-Time

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  1. hi everyone,

    i have a city in black but i'm planning to buy another with the gold hardware. what's the difference between the city & part-time (measurements)? which do you think is better? thanks in advance.
  2. I just got back from Barney's where I compared a white GH PT to a city. It is a bit longer and shorter, but the handles are longer (fit over my shoulder w/o coat) and the detachable strap is way long! I could definitely wear it cross body. HTH
  3. I've been wondering about the same thing. For those who have them, which do you prefer/wear more often?
  4. I just got the PT on Tuesday, in Natural w/ RH and it is TDF, just like MBL said she can wear it across body and the handles fit on the shoulder..LOVE IT!! It's an inch longer than the city and and inch shorter in height than the city I think..LOVE IT, plus it has FEET and it about 3 inches wider too woo feet on a bag:yahoo: :yahoo:
  5. :nuts:Congrats Sagranch!
    So I did order the GH city......Love love her:yahoo:I'm sorry my husband took the camera to LA no piccies....sorry:crybaby:I wish the shoulder strap went across the body though, it seems redundant to have a strap when you can use the handles for the same thing. OH well still LOVE her:P
  6. Thanks for the question! I have a city and I am looking into a part-time as well! It seems to have alot of positives. :smile:
  7. the strap on PT is definitely longer, still the one one my city can be worn across my body just with PT, it should be even better :smile:
  8. thanks to all who took time to reply. geez, i can't believe i am planning to buy another balenciaga. i love my black city but like most of you, i've been reading lots of praises for the part-time.

    thanks again. everyone's help is very much appreciated!
  9. Thanks to this thread, ya'll have convinced me to give the PT a try. I'm not s fan of the city - seemed a bit too small/shallow for me and I hated the short handles. The work was a teensy bit too big, and again, the handles were too short for my liking.

    I'll let you guys know what I think when I get it. The fact that it is deeper with longer handles and has a longer shoulder strap is what really sold me.
  10. Actually, it's not DEEPER but LONGER/WIDER. You can fit more stuff into it long-ways but it is not as deep, which can be good and bad. I find that I don't have to fish around for stuff getting lost deep into the bag but sometimes they find their way into the corners because it's wider. And the bad part is you can't fit tall stuff in there.

    Oh, maybe by deeper you mean wider at the base, right? Sorry, I just realized what you're saying. Yes, you can put more stuff along the bottom because the base is bigger. But the HEIGHT is shorter so that's the part that can be a tiny issue at times.

    I'm a big PT fan, I was one of the first on tPF that bought one and I think it's just now catching on with others. Biggest advice: don't worry about how wide it looks at first, let the bag soften up so it's not so stiff and lays across your body so stiffly. Once it starts getting smooshy it looks great!

    Sorry for rambling!
  11. I didn't know the part time had a longer strap, thanks for the info!
  12. Actually, it is deeper, just not as tall. Depth is the measure from front to back.
  13. ^ Tried to edit but ran out of time ...

    Actually, it is deeper, just not as tall. Technically, depth is the measure from front to back because we observe the bag from the front, not from above. But we are all on the same page here. bal newbie is right. You could put a thick Tolstoy novel in the PT and it would not bulge. Not the same with the City. I have the PT and I love it. I posted some pics. Will try to find my thread and link it here.