city vs. first

  1. hi i am a freshie to this site and already kind of an addict. i've been pondering over the city and the first. any opinions?
  2. Welcome to the PF! It all depends on what you are looking for. The First is a great bag for when you don't need to carry much, for evening or just running around. The City, which is the one I have, is the best for everyday (and into evening) and it is incredibly light. I asked the same question you are asking before I purchased it, and the ladies here suggested that I get the City for my first b-bag, and I am so glad they did. I never want to put her down- it is one of my most favorite bags ever. I will try to find the thread for you. Good luck with whatever you decide and be sure to post pics!

    Here is the thread:
    Although I asked about the purse, not the first, but the info will be really helpful for you.
  3. i only have a city and a twiggy at the moment... and they're both great sizes... :smile:
  4. I have the City, and the twiggy. And have preivously owned a first. I highly recomend the City or the twiggy. Both being the perfect size for all ocassions. I must say the city is my all time favorite. Let us know what you decide.
  5. I like the City for day and the First for going out in the evening. ;)
  6. thanks a bunch for your replies, but let's get to the specifics. exactly how much fits into the city and the first. i know it all depends but generically speaking, wallet, keys, mobile etc...thanks
  7. the first fits a wallet, keys, mobile, PDA, not much more.
    the city fits quite a bit more - all these, plus a mini umbrella, small water bottle, and light cardi.
  8. I have the City...I think it's the perfect "starter" bag, then if you want to expand, try a First or a Twiggy. I have a First on the way, so we will see how that works for just a "light summer" bag. The City is great because you can fit magazines, mail, papers, or whatever in it and it looks amazing!
  9. I use a Purseket in mine (ink City)...that keeps my brush, cell phone, iPod, and other everyday items organized around the perimeter of the bag, freeing up the center for larger items, papers, magazines, etc. You can put a wallet or checkbook and sunglasses in the Purseket, too. I think it will fit in the First, too, but that bag will be too short (both ways) for magazines, I believe.

    Those of you who have seen the Gaucho medium, is that about the same size as the b-bag First?

    Here is a pic of the Purseket, which you can see on
  10. I have so many small bags at the moment that I am looking to get the City but it is up to you what you normally like to carry. Good Luck ;) .
  11. I have a first & I adore it. I have my camera, keys, phone, mirror, chapstick, organizer/small notebook, & ipod video in there usually. I love it & think it is a great size bc I don't usually carry an excessive amount of large things. Good luck on your decision!
  12. I like to carry light so the First is the perfect size for me. It all depends on how much you'll be carrying in your bag and if you like small or big bags.