City vs. Classic/First/Classique?

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  1. Inspired by zacorey's the Classic much smaller than the City? Does anyone have both styles and could post pictures so I can see the difference?

    I'm wondering Citys are wonderful for work and shopping, but the other day I found myself wanting a smaller bag just to take out to dinner with essentials. Would the Classic be the right size for that?
  2. Sounds like the first/classique would be perfect for you!
  3. hippie! LOL! I think the first would be great for you for going to dinner when you don't need to carry a lot. I think it is much smaller then the city but I am not an expert!~ I may be wrong though. Hopefully some nice PFer can post comparison pics for you!
  4. Zacorey, are you laughing at my addiction? :lol:
  5. yes the classique is perfect! I love that size myself since I don't carry too much. It's perfect for wallet, keys, phone and some make-up. =)
  6. Of course but I am just as addicted as you are!!! So, I laugh at the both of us!:lol: :yahoo:
  7. hehehehe, we're all addicated!!!

    Yeah, hippiechic a FIRST size would be the perfect size for going out at night etc...
  8. classique would be perfect for night out!
    sorry for the blurry picture :P
    DSCN1944.jpg DSCN1945.jpg DSCN1946.jpg
  9. I love the First....I really want to like the City, but it just doesn't 'feel' right on me.
  10. seahorseinstripes, thank you for the photos - that helps a lot! I can see that the first is not only smaller but not as deep, so I do think it would be about the right size.

    Is that a magenta city? :nuts: Wow!
  11. I love them both, but definitely for different days - city is an all-day, work or errand bag. Fits everything, leaves room for an impulse purchase or a loaf of bread. The first is a bag I can't overstuff, so I'm forced to only bring what I need - but all my day's necessities fit with ease.

  12. you're welcome :yes:
    yes, that's a magenta city :P
  13. seahorse - thanks for the picture comparison!! I have been waiting for someone to show me the difference of the city and's just so hard to tell in pictures! :rolleyes: Now I'm thinking a new first would be perfect, after all... :graucho:
  14. u're welcome :P
    at first i thought a classique would be too small for me.
    but it can fit some of my necessary things perfectly...
    it can fit my lv PTI wallet which is huge, lv medium agenda, 2 cell phones, cigarette case and few small stuffs too.
  15. I agree! The city is a great everyday bag, but I love my first for going out at night and can fit quite a bit of stuff still--and I love the way it looks!
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