City versus Velo- Would appreciate your opinions!

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  1. I only have experience with the work and day style bags. I would love to know what your thoughts and experiences are with either the city or velo style bags. I am considering these two styles because it seems that many vendors carry more colors in these styles than say the work or part time.

    It seems like the velo is bit larger than the city in capacity, which suits me. However, I wonder how it looks once it is broke in. Does it look sloppy versus edgy/classy? It is also a crossbody style, but does the strap adjust enough to wear as a shoulder bag also?

    I like the east-west style of the city, but it looks a bit small on me compared to my work bags. It's probably that I am just accustomed to the work bag on my 5'7" frame though.

    Please feel chime in! :smile:
  2. I have one city, love the look, but it is too small for my needs. I am 5'8" and a PT looks for better on me. I prefer the Velo over city as it is roomier, and carries crossbody. The strap on the city is too short for me.
    All bags slouch, but I don't think the Velo looks sloppy at all.
    Velo gets my vote, but I think the majority here will choose City over Velo, as it is the most popular Bal bag.
  3. Thank you Loveheart. I am afraid that the city may be too small for my needs also. I don't like my Bbags to be stuffed; I like the extra leather collapsing in on itself, which is why I usually buy the work. I am going to have the opportunity to try both styles in person later in the week, so hopefully that will help too. Still, there is nothing like hearing from others who have real life experiences like you!
  4. I have a Work too, and I adore that bag. Perfect for work, with loads of space.
    Best thing indeed is to try it on.
  5. i picked velo over city because i needed more room, in particular to carry work files that are 8.5x11. It is slouchy, but i don't think "sloppy". the crossbody strap does not adjust so you can't wear as a shoulder-bag. if you're of a smaller frame the handles might be long enough for you to wear over shoulder. i have seen person on this forum though take the x-body strap to a leatherworker who made it adjustable.
  6. This is great information! I can wear the work handles over my shoulder, so I bet the velo handles will fit also! ;)

    Thank You So Much!
  7. I wonder if there are any down sides to the velo?
  8. I will use my velo if i need to carry more stuffs. I don't like an over stuff city.
  9. I bought my velo few months ago, i noticed there are some down sides on my velo when hand carry.
  10. I am with you in that I don't want my bags overstuffed! What happens when you hand carry the velo? Does it hang too vertically?

  11. Pls share what are the downsides of the velo. I wish to get my second Bal soon but can't decide to go for Velo style or not. :smile:
  12. I'm also considering whether my 2nd Bal should be a City or a Velo. I own a Part-time and I love it, so am already dreaming about Bal number 2!
  13. I had to stop and count my Bbags. I currently have nine, but I am going shopping later this week!:graucho:I would really love to know more about the pros and cons of the Velo as Shopaholicmania said. I looked at the Velo club thread, but it is mostly pictures. It would be so helpful to receive more feedback about the Velo! Do tell!
  14. Hi Mary!

    I honestly have enjoyed my Bbags more than my Chanels, LVs and other luxury brands. They really fit my everyday life better, and for some reason I don't stress about using them as much. I'm dreaming about my next bag too!

    I am really anxious to hear from more tpf'rs about their thoughts between the city and velo!
  15. Great to know! I'm falling in love with Baks too...

    I tried on an anthracite regular hardware city the other day and loved it. Only downsides 1. A little small for me as an everyday bag 2. Shoulder strap much too short for me.
    So the velo could be my next target, but they don't have them where I live, so I will follow your thread with great interest!