City/Twiggy-Twiggy/City...Can you help this newbie to Balenciaga?

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  1. I have absolutely minimal knowledge on B-bags, but I am learning fast. So, I am thinking I want to buy my first bag and take a dip into your world!

    I have two friends helping me to choose my first B-bag. One tells me Twiggy without doubt and the other tells me a City without doubt. I have played with them both a tiny bit and am torn, so I am coming to you all for opinions.

    What do you think I should purchase and why? Any of your thoughts/experiences are appreciated.

    Can you deal with another newbie??? lol:confused1:
  2. I did a LOT of research during my holiday buying spree for my Fiance. All I can tell you is that if you played with both, you need to think what you will most use them for. Chances are you will join the madhouse here and end up with both! I purchased a City for my Fiance and she loved it. But there are City fans (lots) and Twiggy fans (staunch) here. :p

    I plan on getting my GF a twiggy in the next month or two. The City seems to serve general everyday purposes. But so does the Twiggy by the looks, a nice get up and go bag. But I know nothing other than the hours I spent here wearing out my beaten up wallet.

    Here's a good statement of the forum -

    But then you're not exactly a newbie are you :p

    Good luck!!

  3. crack me up!^^

    I have watched you with the gals and let me tell you it is funny you responded first!

    Thank you for your kind words and I know in this subforum I need to hang on tight to my wallet.
  4. The twiggy is not big enough for me for everyday but too big for evening, so I vote for the City. However, I LOVE the way a worn-in twiggy hangs, so it's a good choice if you carry less than I do.
  5. I adore both. But for the first BBag, I would go with a City.
  6. I only have a city so that would be my vote but I did have a general question re. the twiggy. Which is bigger, the first or the twiggy? The twiggy looks rounder?
  7. Lorebunde, the twiggy is bigger than the first (and rounder).
  8. Is there that much difference in size of what the two bags can hold? (City vs. Twiggy) They didn't seem that much different.
  9. Thanks!
  10. I love twiggy, it's one of my fav style, so if the bag was for me i'd pick the twiggy. To be honest i think it depends on what kind of bag are you, if you're a big bag girl maybe you'll not feel confortable with the twiggy.

    Jimlong, you're learning quickly! it's so sweet you're studing so hard to find the perfect gift for you girlfriend! Do you have a brother? LOL!
  11. phebe, I have been into Hermes for ages and I need something practical. I need a "go to" bag for all the times that Hermes does not work for me. I have three little kids and I am off and running a great deal. I have been told to get a Balenciaga because it is light, durable, and fun. I will probably choose a fun color to top it off.
  12. Mmm maybe you're more a city girl (even if it's not as big as it could seem from pics),it appears to me as more pratical than the twiggy. BUt i have to say, it's only an opinion from what you said, cause i'm a big big twiggy lover!
  13. I think you're making a good choice by picking a bbag for a "go to" bag. How much do you normally carry in your bag? Here are the demensions for the two bags you're interested in:

    Twiggy: 15 x 7 x 6.5
    City: 15 x 10 x 5.5

    BTW, I don't own either a city or a twiggy. My every day bag is a part time style because I like that the handle straps are long enough to wear over your shoulder. It's a little longer and wider than the city: 16.5 x 10 x 6.25.
  14. I like both but my favorite is the City.
  15. I tried and tried to rock the Twiggy but it just wasn't working for me so I had to let them go and I kept my 3 Cities! So the City gets my vote:tup: