City & Twiggy Stock at Saks (For Those Doing the EGC Event)

  1. I called all the Saks today and here is the stock for city Rh & twiggy:

    City: chocolate, off-white, black, red (CT); white, brown black (Boca Raton); chocolate (Naples); red, sable, blue (New orleans); red, ivory, taupe, dark blue, lighter blue, but not aquamarine (San Antonio)

    twiggy: navy (maybe last season), truffle (CT); brown, light blue (Boca); off-white, black, turquoise (Naples); blueberry, black (New orleans); cocoa brown, ivory, red, aquamarine (San Antonio)

    I am just going by the colors they told me on the phone. Honestly, half of them were clueless except the CT and New Orleans stores!

    Either of those sizes will give you $150 gift card!
  2. THANKS!! now if only i could find out what giant hobos are available :smile:
  3. Twiggers, thanks for the awesome detailed info! I'm gettin' interested in Twiggies and EGC is a great time to buy!
  4. Thanks Twiggers!! :flowers: This is super helpful especially with the recent surge in twiggy popularity.
  5. Yea I'm debating on buying one...I am so horrible in makign decisions LOL

    One of the Saks SAs I talked to also mentioned they (Saks) probably won't be getting any Violet Drats LOL!

    Oh...and shipping is $13 and usually no sales tax when you call over the phone.
    You can use the gift card in store or online as well!

    $150 off of something is always good...that's almost a pair of new jeans or money towards some shoes! LOL