City Tote or Robinson Double Zip or..

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  1. Hi. I've never owned a TB bag before, so I'm not sure about the quality or what looks best irl. Right now I own more rebecca minkoff or marc jacobs, but I'm loving the way these two totes look in the pictures.

    Does anyone have either of these in the purple? Just wondering how it looks irl. Which tote would you choose? TIA!

  2. I saw the City Tote at Nordstroms Rack today on clearance! They had black, gray, or luggage for around $329!
  3. Sadly, I don't have a Nordstrom rack near me and they don't show any online. :shucks:
  4. I have the robinson shrunken and the quality is definitely great as compared to my two other tory bags. (one even fell apart after a few months :cry:smile:

    Imo the robinson looks more elegant compared to the other one.
  5. Robinson Double Zip look more Classy! It depends on your daily usage. :smile: City Tote is more casual to me. I do owned a Double Zip. Mainly bring it to work..
  6. I don't think those aren't the city tote. If they are the same as my Nordstrom Rack, then they are the tote that was done for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. That has a very short strap drop, doesn't fit over the shoulder for most people.