City Street Crime


Dec 12, 2010
London England
Having recently become a 'statistic' in the ever increasing number of street crimes in London it appears that violent crime is seriously escalating in the city and a very unsafe place for a lone woman to be walking particularly after dark. In my own case I was attacked shortly after leaving my office by young thugs who thought it necessary to viciously beat me up for my valuables, although I was so scared when they accosted me and I would have just handed them over. I was not given the option. I know many will say I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, should not have been walking alone, looked to wealthy etc which is what in fact the police implied. It seems that assaults like these are now not uncommon and it is unlikely my attackers will ever be caught. I am now too frightened to walk alone at night in my own City. I should not have to live my life in fear. I would like to hear other views on this please.


windy city
Dec 12, 2008
Wow I'm sorry you went through that :hugs: The sad thing is that I don't think anyone is immune to become a victim of a violent crime like the one you mentioned. I live in Chicago and we do have crime like everywhere else but I always try to walk in well lit areas with other people, I avoid being alone at night, I don't carry much cash or valuables when I'm on public transportation, and if I am forced to walk somewhere alone I don't fidget on my phone and I try to be aware of my surroundings.


Judge Roughneck
Apr 25, 2008
Crime is never the fault of the victim. Please don't feel responsible.


Dec 12, 2010
London England
Thankyou all for your kind and supportive comments it means a lot:hugs: . I am new to this forum,I actually joined whilst recovering from the attack I described. What disturbed me the most was the amount of violence used to rob me, totally mindless brutality. and the thugs are still out there, most likely planning to attack another defenceless woman.


Jul 13, 2010
IM sorry this happened to you
I feel your pain I live in mexico and have been robbed 7 times 3x's this year i got robbed for my jewlery,money,cellphone,shoes,i pod... and i told the police and they told me the same thing they cant do anything and most likely they will never be caught crime is all around all the time the only thing you can really do is toughen up and smarten up I travel alone at night with no car everyday and i am careful...

I look around all the time (i know it sucks to have to live like this)
If something doesnt look right i move fast

I still wear my designer things but i usually hide them with a coat over it
I hide my jewlery inside my clothing and i always carry cash (its better this way ,better to give them cash rather then nothing sad i know but they might get angry that you dont have anything )

i make chit chat with other women around me sometimes we walk together ( four eyes are better then two)

try to walk near stores and lights or where police will be

I walk like i know where im going and have a mean mug on my face i dont avoid staring at people either

One time i fought back (the only time the man didnt have a weapon) and i got my jewlery back and scared him off with my screaming not that i recommend it but it worked for me that one time.

Be safe and be careful keep your eyes and ears open be alert be smart!!


Aug 19, 2009
I know many will say I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, should not have been walking alone, looked to wealthy etc which is what in fact the police implied. .
I really don't get all the victim blaming. :nono:

I'm really sorry this happened to you!


Jan 21, 2010
I'm so sorry for you. I am glad it wasn't any worse, but still, it must have been the scariest thing. :sad: A couple of my friends have been robbed in LA by gunpoint but they were not actually physically attacked. I hope you feel better, mentally and physically, soon.


Jan 23, 2010
I truly am sorry that you had to go through that. No girl should ever feel violated and unsafe in her own city. I hope you feel better mentally, physically, and emotionally soon. If I were you I'd follow my gut and if my intuitions tells me something is up then I run like heck

JNH14 crisis!
Nov 3, 2006
Somewhere South...
Great reson to carry mace or something to scare the attackers off-even a really loud alarm. It sucks to live where others prey on this point it's everywhere in the world.


Daddy's Little Girl
Feb 11, 2008
Dovunque voglia andare
i am so sorry you experienced this horrible crime. you poor thing. :hugs:

when i lived in new york city, i used to walk around clutching onto my purse and always looked straight ahead with confidence. i rarely (if ever) gave anybody eye contact.

what was VERY important while i was living in the city back then was you knew where and when you could walk somewhere alone.

for instance, central park during the daytime is just fine. it's filled with so many people enjoying the outdoors—cyclists, runners, rollerbladers, etc.—that you were ok just walking through. at night? not a chance. i never walked through central park at night alone unless i was with my BF at the time (who was a very large, muscular 6'2" man).

in new york, you know where you can walk and where you shouldn't walk at certain hours. same thing with the trains. there are certain lines that you should never take alone at night, but during the day, they're packed because of rush hour, etc.

also, at that time, i was a single student so i didn't have any jewelry (other than sterling silver) or designer bags that would warrant my being robbed.

i only hope with time that you'll be able to walk through your beautiful city (which i love, btw) alone without fear.