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  1. I've collected my City Steamer Khaki from LV almost 2 weeks ago,it is a very nice khaki color,

    Since I only find time to upload pics today,I might as well upload all my recent bag's pics ;)
    City Steamer (front) & W tote
    CITY STEAMER & W Tote -1.jpg
    City Steamer (back) and W Tote
    CITY STEAMER & W Tote -2.jpg

    W totes (Pistache & Brown)
    W TOTE - Pistachio & Brown-1.jpg
    W TOTE - Pistachio & Brown-2.jpg

    W Tote & Speedy Leopard
    W TOTE - W & Speedy Leopard.jpg

    Eden sisters
    EDEN FAMILY-  Neo & Speedy -1.jpg
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  2. Lovely collection and the steamer is tdf,absolutely stunning.❤️
  3. All so beautiful!!!

  4. Congrats!!! I love love your collection 😊
  5. You have one of the best collection!!!
  6. beautiful LV's!

  7. Yessssssss, yesssssss!!!!🏻
    Omg, AMAZING!!! Your Steemer and W Totes are EVERYTHING! Congratulations!!!
  8. Wow, beautiful collection!!!
  9. Beautiful colour combinations, congrats :biggrin:
  10. These are gorgeous! Congrats on such a beautiful collection.
  11. Holy crap your collection is amazing! Especially the steamer & pistache W 😍😍😍😍
  12. Thank you all for the compliments :hugs:
  13. Beautiful bags! Congrats on your new Steamer!
  14. Love Your taste, Steamer is just ��, so elegant.
  15. Wonderfull collection . Do you have any recommendations for me. I m about to buy a preloved eden neo but I m not sure about the peel off issues. Thanks very much.