City steamer owners?

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  1. I'm thinking about getting one but I'm worried about the leather. For those of you who have it, how is the leather holding up? Can scratches be smoothed out or treated with conditioner?
  2. I have one in rubis (red) color in MM since, since Jan 2016, and use her about 1 week per month, for weekend/casual outings. I don't baby her but I am generally careful with my bags. There are one or 2 minor scratches (the red dye also came off as a result) on the top handles mainly from my watch touching/hitting the handles when I try to get in and out of the bag. These are small scratches less than 1-2 mm in size so you have to be very careful in order to notice them.

    As for the body/main part of the bag, it's showing very minimal wear and tear. Some areas have developed 'winkles' here and there, but I am totally ok with it as this type of leather is supposed to do that, and it actually bring out the beauty of it's own natural leather texture that comes with it. I did accidentally had a pencil/pen mark on a side, and I used an eraser to buff it out and it's gone (I don't suggest/recommend it, I just did it at my own risk).

    I'd say go for it if you like the style and look of the City Steamer. But given the leather texture, it is supposed to get a bit winkled with time. It's a structure bag, yet flexible at the same time, if you know what I mean.
  3. I have mines for a few months now and love it to death! They engraved my name on it as well. Good luck. My steamer is the magnolia color on bottom with black on the top and bordeaux colored handles!! Will post pics soon!
  4. I looked at one in the store and the leather was cracked 😶
  5. I have the black Steamer PM and it is just great.

  6. Thanks for replying beyondbeing! I'm wanting it in black but I saw the red and it's gorgeous . I really do like the style and look of the city steamer. A majority of my bags are shoulder bags so now I want a hand held/arm bag. The fact it has a strap so I can shoulder carry is an added bonus. I was comparing this bag to the sac du jour and the city steamer is so much more prettier and lady like to me. Another thing I cant decide on is PM vs MM...

  7. Wow sounds beautiful! Please post pics soon! And how lovely to have it personally engraved, that didn't even occur to me. Is that a service at all boutiques?

  8. Yikes. I hope that's a defect limited to that particular bag. Where was the crack on the bag and which location did you it so that if it happens to be local to me, I can keep an eye out.
  9. I was able to try PM and MM and am very undecided on size. Price difference isn't much and the MM does fit a little more. What made you choose the PM size?
  10. Yes I like the fact that it has a shoulder strap as an option. I use the strap whenever I need to be hands-free, but most of the time I carry mine by hands or arm. I think this style looks best as handheld/crook of the arm. I am never a red person but surprisingly my heart sings to the red this time..... I mainly wanted it to be a funky/edgy and elegant look, so the red (with silver hardware) works really well for my purpose.

    As for MM vs PM.... You may want to try it out in person and try to put your usual belongings in both sizes and see how that goes... I don't want my bag to be too cramped/crowded and I am generally a big bag person, so MM was an easy choice for me. One thing is that the shoulder strap is the same length both MM and PM, so it may look different between the 2 sizes when you carry on your shoulder, if that matters. When being handheld or crook of the arm, I think both MM or PM looks pretty good either way.

    Look luck and let us know what you've decided.

  11. I agree with you that MM or PM looks better hand/arm crook held. I liked the look of the PM better when shoulder carried though. I was able to try my things with the PM and my dealbreaker is if a bag can't hold my sunglasses case so it passed. I'd have to downsize my wallet but I do that anyway depending on which bag I use.

    Thanks so much for your input!
  12. Since I have several bags, in all sizes, I wanted something a bit smaller and more elegant. It fits my essentials, while not bumping into everything.
  13. PM
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  14. I have the rainbow painted one and it's still as new. All bags will mark eventually but I haven't found this one any more prone to marks. Enjoy if you decide to go for one.

  15. This is my rationale in favor of the PM because I also have various sizes.