City Steamer, Latest Obsession

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  1. The City Steamer is quickly becoming one of my favorite LV Bags. I like that LV is doing creative color combinations with it. The MM is the right size, the right weight; it has great structure and if I get tired of holding it all day it has a shoulder strap. Here are the latest additions to my collection. :love::love:

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  2. Gorgeous collection!
  3. Congratulations, I am so happy to hear the positive comments ☺️ I picked up my first steamer yesterday, I got the one on the left with the blue handles. My SA was trying to get both of the ones you have, but got the blue handle one in first and I fell in love with it and simply could not leave it there 😊 It was, or is, a beautiful color combination. I hope I get the chance to see the other one. Enjoy your new steamers and thank you for the picture.
  4. Stunning! Congratulations. They are both beautiful.
  5. Beautiful bag! Would love to see what can fit into it?
  6. beautiful Steamers! love both of them!
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  7. Gorgeous bags! Congrats!
  8. Congrats on your beautiful bags!
  9. Is there a clubhouse for the City Steamer? I can't find it
  10. Congrats. ..I love the Steamer!!! :smile:
  11. Wow what a pair of beauties congratulations
  12. Those two are to-die-for!
  13. What a beautiful pair! Congrats and enjoy!!
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    Last edited: May 29, 2016
    Congratulations! It is nice to find another style to love. The Monogram one really grabs my attention because it looks playful and fun. They are both eye-catching. Enjoy! :smile:
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  15. Beautiful bags. The tags are adorable.
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