City Steamer GM in action: tell all about her!


Jun 11, 2016
Hello wonderful TPF members!

I'm on the market for a large low key work horse tote bag. LV is the most represented luxury brand in my collection. I have looked at the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour but don't like the quality of the non lined version (too small anyway) and haven't seen the latest version in the flesh. I know this is an LV forum but just to give you an idea as to my thought process. My heart is with a structured bag with square angles and the Givenchy Antigona does not suit my style so I naturally gravitated towards the LV City Steamer GM.

Please post pictures of your City Steamer GM (or MM or PM) in action and what you love or perhaps don't love so much about her. How well does it fare with heavy yet careful use? The general thoughts?

I need to fit my 13' Mac Book Pro in it as well as a notebook, bag of bits (iPhone/USB cords, battery packs etc.) and my bare essentials (I don't carry much in my handbags: small LV purse, LV Clés pouch, long wallet and sunglasses).
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