City rh or covered Day for my first Bbag?

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  1. Hi everyone!

    This is my first post, and I would love your advice!

    I am about to go buy my FIRST BBag.....YAY, but I can not decide between the City with rh or a covered day?? I am also trying to decide on color - raisin or poupre? Or any other suggestions?

  2. Oh, congrats on getting your first Bal.
    My personaly fave is the City so that gets my vote plus I'm not a fan of covered hardware.

    Have fun deciding.
  3. City!
  4. Hi, I vote for the city too !!
    I bought my first B Bag yesterday and exactly like you I was hesitating between a Day and a City (RH or GSH). I finally bought a city, I think you can wear it with a lot of different styles of clothes (casual or not). The Day is more casual in my opinion. The city looks good with everything !! And secondly, for a first B Bag, I prefered starting with the most famous one ;)
  5. both are great styles, I'm not a fan of covered hardware either so I'd say the city. The day is probably the most comfortable style and it looks great in RH or GH. Both are great colors, I don't think you would be disappointed with either.
  6. City
  7. City RH is more versatile:tup:
  8. City for sure
  9. :welcome2: I think you should get a City with RH for your first Balenciaga!
  10. Hello, I also have same problem. After a long time thinking when to buy a balenciaga and what type/size because I'm on the petite size.I have now decided for the Charcoalgrey Giant Part time. The question is is it better to buy in the store or just order online? We don't have a store nearby who sells these. We are going to Italy in May maybe just wait?:smile:
  11. city
  12. I vote City RH - it's a great first bbag!
  13. City!
  14. RH City
  15. City!