city red '03

  1. Hello everyone!:smile:
    i' m new in this forum, and by the way i have purchased a black first bag a year ago(spring'07). I m pretty satisfied with it, it is so adorable!
    but sometimes it is too small for me, so i want a city red '03, (the same color as sienna miller's one,i don't post picks because eveyone knows this bag).
    And the problem is that i m desesperated because i don't find any! :shrugs:
    You are my only chance to have this bag which i adore!!!

    help me please!!!;)
  2. Hey hun,

    Few weeks ago, there were two 03 red bags popped up on eBay and both are sold by lovely TPFers..

    I guess your chance is only consignment stores or eBay considering it is an older production..
    Good luck!
    Will keep an eye out for you :smile:
  3. Here's a picture of Sienna's Red City bag, it's actually S/S '04 True Red and it's gorgeous!
  4. thanks but i see it is out of stock!!!i love this bag,i want it now!:sos:
  5. Sorry that you missed it. If it helps at all the '07 Tomato is very close in color to the '04 True Red. The only thing missing then is the pewter can get a similar vibe with Silver Giant Hardware. I had one and just got another today. Personally, I LOVE the combination of red with silver.
  6. yes me too, the silver hardware is gorgeous. But i don't like the red tomato color...