city prices in uk

  1. whats the retail for a rh city over here? £700?
  2. £730 at selfridge ;)
  3. thanks !
  4. Try Cricket Liverpool as well, their prices seem to be a little bit lower - not much - but a little bit! for example a Balenciaga Courier in Harvey Nichols is £545 but £490 in Cricket. They charge £10 postage.
  5. its probably better purchasing from bal paris and luisaviaroma! no customs and you will save about £100GBP
  6. £700 at Cricket.

    No RH Cities at LVR.

    RH Black Work is approx. £735 at LVR which is a good deal.
  7. That is pricey!
  8. 720 at harvey nichs edinburgh i think...well last time i was there :smile: