City owners who also own twiggys

  1. I have a question for all of you. I only have cities, with the exception of a clutch and other accesories, but my HG color is available right now in a twiggy. I am just worried that I won't love the style b/c I have only carried cities. I carry my bags by the shoulder strap occasionally, but most of the time on my shoulder. Do those of you that own both styles love both or are you more partial to one style? Help.
  2. I prefer the twiggy to the city because the handles go over the shoulder better. I think you should give the twiggy a shot. I think you'll like her.
  3. i own both styles and love them both equally, but the twiggy's handles does fit easier over the shoulder than the city. i think you will like the twiggy too.
  4. I own both and prefer the Twiggy
  5. I'm interested in this thread as I too am thinking of taking the plunge for a Twiggy next...
    Shasta- what is your HG colour?
  6. The twiggy is my fave! I own all styles of b bags...I love the Twiggy better than the City..
  7. I have 4 City's and love them and just bought my first Twiggy and love it also!!
    I tried the Purse and Brief styles also and those didn't work for me ... I think you should try the Twiggy! I think you will like it as the style is similar enough to the City ... besides, you can always sell it if it doesn't work out :p
  8. My HG is either apple or city or possibly apple twiggy. These are my summer "HG"'s of course, being that for f/w I am going to absolutely die and have to double up on my zoloft if I don't get a violet city.
  9. I have both and prefer the TWIGGY. I don't know why I didn't discover TWIGGY earlier. The handles fit over shoulders more comfortably, the size is perfect, and there's not a whole lot of wasted space in the bag.

    With a TWIGGY, you can experiment lots of colors, without it being overwhelming in size to fit your wardrobe.

    Give it a try!
  10. Hey, i have both styles in city and twiggy. The twiggy magenta which i recently bought and i love it so much, the handles fit over shlder better than the city....:smile:
  11. The fact that you mostly use the handles to carry your City is a good sign that you will like the Twiggy. Like everyone says, the handles are definitely roomier for shoulder carry!
  12. My second Bbag was the Caramel Twiggy and i loved it.:yes: I only like the Twiggy when it is smooshy and slouchy otherwise it looks like a loaf of bread under my arm. :lol: Why don't you try it in person first and then decide.;)
  13. i have both and love them both equally. i don't wear my city on the shoulder but with the twiggy i do. the twiggy holds just a much as a city. i think some people don't like the twiggy because of the "duffle bag" shape but it slouches on the two ends when the leather softens. good luck! remember it is your HG color!
  14. Shasta

    I think you will love the Twiggy too... its super comfy on the shoulder

    I prefered wearing my Twiggy to my City
  15. I have both. I really didn't think I would like twiggy but I bought it because I wanted a new style and now I prefer the twiggy over the city.