City owners help!! Pockets dimensions on a 2004???

  1. Dear City owners, i have just received my first City, a vintage 04 Marron City. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:The leather is beyond soft, a lovely reddish brown, i love it already!!!! :love::love::love: The leather does not have the same protective coat as my 06 Ink, I am amazed at how beautiful it is!!!! PICTURES AS SOON AS I AM BACK FROM THE OFFICE, I PROMISE (in about three hours)

    Inner plate says 0854B 115748, back of the tags embossed 115748 344. Does that sound Ok?

    One detail surprises me: the inner pocket is small, i.e. the inner pocket of my Purse style goes to the bottom of the bag. In this case, it fits the mirror, a mobile phone, and that's it (3 inches deep by 6,5 inches). Please, tell me my bag is authentic!!!

  2. my internal pocket on my 2006 city is pretty small (probably about 3 x 6.5) not a large pocket at all. I'm assuming you mean 3444 on your serial tag? Sounds OK (and gorgeous) so far, post pics when you get home.
  3. Yes 3444, sorry. Cal!!! You make my day!!! thanks!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    I love it even more!!!:tender:

    I'll post pictures and tell the crazy delivery story as soon as I am home.
  4. :yahoo: CONGRATS betises!:yahoo: Can you take a really close up picture of the leather? I would love to see the color really close up. I took one with my caramel '03 and you can get a good idea of what the color is from that! I'm so happy for you!:yes:
  5. Zacorey, now that I know how to use the "flower" feature on my camera (thanks to Fayden), it shouldn't be a problem!

    This 04 leather is as soft as a baby's backside, litterally! :lol:

    Two hours to go before I am home!:girlsigh:
  6. mine is 3.5" x 6.5"
    here are the pics on my tags & how the leather's feels.
    please post your pics too so we can see ? :P
    & congrats on ur bag, '04 is my fave leather
    DSCN1225.jpg DSCN1226.jpg DSCN1231.jpg
  7. ;) I am happier every minute, girls! Seahorse, the tags looks perfect. it is the same font.

    The touch and quality of the leather, and of the bag in general left little doubt to me, but I freaked when I saw the size of the pocket, having only seen a Purse IRL so far. I realised I had never wondered about the size of the inner pockets....
  8. sea- love the close up of the leather! I love to see close ups!!!
  9. i love to take close up pics on b-bags leather too :P
    here's more close ups :
    orange '04, eggplant '04, red '03, coffee '02, sky blue '05, magenta city '05, cornflower '06
    DSCN1304.jpg 72_1_b.JPG DSCN1362.jpg DSCN1222.jpg DSCN1318.jpg DSCN1302.jpg DSCN1211.jpg
  10. ^^^ Drooling!!!!

    Also- someone just posted a question about the hardest colors to find- you should post the pictures there!!!
  11. Well- since we're doing this- here is a close up of my caramel '03!
  12. thanks zacorey... i'll post some colors there :P
  13. I think the leather closeups belong in the leather variation thread!!! That's why I started it!!! :lol: ;)
  14. betises- :lol: I have an 04 marron city and an ink city too! we're partial bag collection twins! ;) isn't the leather DIVINE on the marron? I can't keep my hands off it... it gets cuddled every 3-4 hours at my house! congrats on such a fabulous purchase! how are the handles on yours? where are the pics! I demand you have a photoshoot!
  15. I KNOW! But you posted the caramel bag on the thread so I can't repeat! LOL:lol: