city owner plz tell me...

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  1. I just wonder how bout city roomy...i can put my t-shirt,short n' jeans into city or not
    (i used to do this for my speedy 30)
    i want to bring it when i go to the fitness or travel for 1or2nights. Thanks a lot for ur kinds:flowers:
  2. I have a speedy as well, and the city is not as spacious. It's a lot flatter than the city, and although it can hold a lot for a purse, it won't hold a set of clothes. I think it'd be overstuffed. Maybe the work or weekender would be a better size to use as an overnight bag? But I've never seen either in person.
  3. T-shirt and shorts, yes; but not jeans. If you really stuff them in, the shape may look funny. Like sunny said, the work or weekender may meet your needs.
  4. city is definately too small work or even weekender would be better
  5. I agree with the others. The city would look overstuffed with those clothing items inside. A simple shirt would be ok, but any additional items would not look good.
  6. i have a speedy 30 and a city as well, i don't think it's a good idea to stuff it with clothes, the city looks better slouchy, not full. i agree with sunny07, get a weekender instead.............
  7. thank you very much. I'll go for work as well...I'm too small to hold weekender,i think
    thank you