City OUTside pocket - carried outside or inside?

  1. Just wondering: *I* carry my City with the outside pocket outside; however, does anyone carry it with the outside pocket INside; i.e. next to the body? :yes:
  2. Me! Sometimes I didn't want to show off my bag; sometimes I feel like my bag need to get even suntan. :p
  3. It depends on how it falls on my arm...If I am wearing the GH, somtimes I wear that on the inside depending on how dressed up I am!
  4. I carry my Cities with the pocket showing.

    When I carry my first I usually carry it with the pocket facing me as I prefer the leather on the back :shrugs:
  5. It is funny, I always feel weird unless the pocket faces away from me (outside) so I make sure it always that way -- my Twiggy, too!
  6. outsider here:p
  7. Always on the outside.
  8. outside for me!
  9. inside for me!!
  10. Outside pocket here.
  11. Always outie :p. Must have the tassels flying freely!
  12. both ways! i don't make any conscious effort which way i carry it!
  13. I usually carry it with the pocket outside. Every now and again, I unintentionally carry it on the inside.
  14. I usually carry mine Outside...
  15. can i ask a question! i was looking at the celebrities with assorted bbags thread then i realized that there are some pics with the front pocket unzipped and the inside is lined with black canvas! but my 07 city is lined with leather! the same colour as my bag! are older bags' front pocket lined with canvas? i don't have any old bags so i'm not very sure! thanks!