city or work????

  1. Which one has a shoulder strap?
  2. City. :smile:
  3. They are around the same size???
  4. City is smaller than the work.
  5. I want one that is fairly large w/ a shoulder strap, but not too big.
  6. Hmmm.... sounds like the new Part Time might work for you. I want the same thing, bigger than City but with a strap.
  7. jap, the city has the shoulder strap, but it's smaller than the work. the work is my favorite style. it really holds a lot more than the city, because of the depth of the bag. the handles fit comfortably on my shoulders, so not having the shoulder strap never bothered me. but, i guess, it would be nice to have. i agree with glimmer, the part time is probably your best bet, since it has the shoulder strap. it's a size between the work and city. a new style for the fall...i don't think it's out yet.
  8. hatikuh, ur work is cute :girlsigh:
  9. Hatikuh, what color is your First?
  10. It sounds like you want a City Bag (from what you described).
  11. awww thanks, seahorseinstripes! Glimmer, the First is Caramel from 2002 :smile: