City or work ?!? Please help!!


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Dec 8, 2008
Hi Ladies, I have been stalking the BBag forum for a while and have decided that it's time for me to take the plunge... HOWEVER I can't seem to decide between the WORK or the CITY. I can only allow myself to buy one (for now anyway :P) - What do I choose? For those who have both styles - which do you use more? I will primarily use it for work and I also study part-time so it'd be nice to have enough room for A4 documents/exercise books and everyday things - does the city fit all that?

Some info: I'm about 162cm tall and probably weigh about 50kgs on a healthy day :sweatdrop:. I've tried the work on wearing a business LBD and I LOVE the look of it but I haven't tried on the city yet and I am thinking that the City would be more practical - that I can go from day to night and use it on weekends also... (but we all know that there isn't ONE perfect bag that fits all purposes, is there?) I probably will be purchasing online so I don't know if I'll get a chance to try the city on first.

And as for the colour - well that's for another thread!! (thinking something Neutral like black or autumn)..

What do you think ladies!!!??? Please help so I can get over this obsession and get on with my life!! :crybaby:


Nov 5, 2006
Hong Kong
i will vote for work if you are going to use that for work and study!
Black is a really good color to start with, but i think Sanguine is a very nice color with the work style for this season! which part of aus are you from? If in syd, you can go to cosmo shoes to try the sizes first! i guess they have most of the difference styles.


Jun 12, 2007
i would prefer the size of the City, however, if in your case of usage as you required, probably a work size would be much better!
Sep 26, 2007
the city won't fit all that... the work will be perfect! plus if you're petite you should be able to wear the handles over your shoulder too! i would choose between a classic black for a neutral brown like autumn!


Jul 28, 2008
:welcome2: I'm about your height (5'4) and slightly smaller, I love the work. It doesn't look overwhelmed on me and it's perfect for me to carry to school and go shopping on the weekends.

I have the city and love it too. I found the city a little easier to carry since it's got the removable strap.

Both are great classic styles and you can't really go wrong with either :tup: (sorry if I'm no help).


Jan 11, 2006
I prefer the City as a handbag/every day bag. From your description of what you need it for, sound like you need a Work.


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Mar 27, 2007
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I have to agree w/ everyone else... sounds like the Work capacity would suit your needs better. Keep in mind that the work does not have a longer shoulder strap, however after use.. the work will "break in" nicely and I'm sure the handles will fit over the shoulders comfortably depending on your build. ;)