City or Twiggy - or both???

  1. Advice, please! I am 5' 2" (used to be 5' 3" but whatever!):smile: and 120 pounds. I am trying to decide on my next purchase - twiggy or city? I have one city already and another on the way.
    I know there are many gals who love their city bags - twiggy lovers tell me why you love your bags!
  2. I say both! But if you must get one or the other first, get the city! :yes:
  3. I have both and love both for different reasons. I consider my Twiggy to be a more casual bag, but it's dressy enough to take to work. Things I like about the Twiggy are:
    • Sits nicely on my shoulder
    • Holds lots of stuff - maybe even more than the City without looking overloaded or lumpy
    • Has a much larger inside zippered pocket.
    Since you already have a City and one on the way, I would think it's time to branch out and experience another style!
  4. Well, I only have the city style (and one purse style on the way), but I would also be open to getting a twiggy style one day to branch out some.
  5. i love the twiggy, very cool!!!!!!
  6. I'm petite too (5 feet or so) and wear heels always, and the Twiggy is the perfect size for me. It's wide enough to accomodate a lot of stuff, but not so tall that it's overwhelming. It hangs perfectly on my shoulder with either the handles or the strap and mine is so smooshy it just melts against my side. I love this style! :love: I think I need another one in Caramel!! :nuts:
  7. Both! But since you already have a City then Twiggy should be next.
  8. welp, i prefer the city over the twiggy, because i think it's more comfortable to carry 1st b-bag was a twiggy, but when i filled it up, it felt like a log sitting under my arm...the weight is more evenly distributed in the city, which makes it less awkward...both styles are gorgeous though, so it's hard to go wrong :smile:
  9. both :yes:
  10. Both, lol. I love the look of the Twiggy. I have way more City bags but the Twiggy isn't as tall and has a smaller look to it. I think it looks better with certain outfits. The one thing I dislike about the City is the inside pocket is way too small for the size of the bag. They seriously need to change that. :yes: