City or Twiggy in Turquise 04???

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  1. Ladies....I have a chance to buy "like new" both in Turquise 04.....:yahoo:

    I would like to know your opinion which size I should choose......

    TWIGGY or CITY :confused1:
  2. City IMO!:yes:
  3. thnx MarieG.....

    By the way, wanna give some infornation...I already have City in White 07 and Magenta. :yes:

    should I change to another model???
  4. OMG...u lucky person....go for city, i love that style.....:greengrin: :greengrin:
  5. oh go for the City!!!
  6. I'd still say City! LUCKY GIRL!:nuts: :yahoo:
  7. TWIGGY! Try something new, and that's a great color for a Twiggy.
  8. Lucky YOU!!! I say Twiggy!! Or better yet...BOTH!! :nuts:
  9. Can I have whichever one you don't take?!?!?! :p
  10. OK thanks so much girls....I would really happy if you can have another one debsmith, but since I'm in Thailand......:confused1:

    i think twiggy isn't the right one for me so i decided for CITY, picture soon when I pick her up....:nuts:

    thanks agian, you all here can help me.
  11. I'd vote for Twiggy. It's definitely gorgeous in this color.:yes:
  12. Lucky you! Can't wait to see the pics.
  13. I'm in Thailand..Can i have the other one?? haha..where are you finding all these older models anyway! :nuts: Tell me your secret..come on..:yes:

  14. I'm in TH also...nice to meet u:rolleyes: . It's not so hard to get previous models if u access the right website in TH (especially know the owner of tht site 555). I'm not sure i can mention it here. Just PM me if u want an info:p .
  15. Go For The Twiggy